Amber Heard’s smear YouTube videos are bringing in thousands of dollars a month

Amber Heard has been the center of attention for the past three months, his trial with Johnny Depp is among the most researched things on the Internet. However, very few focus on the central theme of their accusations. Domestic abuse has been at the forefront of the movement #MeToo and this latest basket case has affected his credibility.

Unfortunately, there are many victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault who cannot tell their story on such a public platform. For heardlosing that credibility has made her the target of Youtubers sensationalists who profit from their misfortune. But how much do these people earn in terms of money by creating these defamatory videos?

That umbrella boy

Last Tuesday, the couple Amber Heard, Eve Barlowexposed one of these Youtubers who calls himself That Umbrella Guy. It could be said that it is one of the accounts of Youtube profitable ones dealing with reporting on celebrity gossip. There’s no telling how he gets his information, but he tends to have exclusive content that eventually goes viral.

His approach comes with the intention of always discrediting Amber Heard and try to paint men as the real victims of abuse in these contexts. monthly, this youtuber he earns about $80,000 a month, which works out to about $1 million a year. However, the people of Newsweek had to verify this information to discover that he earns about $64,000 a month.

Eve Barlow has created his own campaign to expose accounts like this, he decided to trick That Umbrella Guy and revealed his identity to the public. But this is just the tip of the iceberg because there are many more accounts that profit from the misfortunes of Amber Heard and other celebrities. To name a few, Popcorned Planet recently revealed a set of photos of Heard allegedly making out with Cara Delevingne.

TMZ is an all-time classic when it comes to celebrity gossip. The New York Post he also writes a good deal of these reports and constantly harasses celebrities in their most private moments. That is the price of being famous, they lose any sense of privacy in exchange for millions of dollars and success.

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