Amber Heard’s professional future after losing to Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has lost the defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp. The jury determined that the actress had defamed her ex-partner with her statements in a media outlet, causing her a serious personal and professional harm. Heard will have to face a compensation of $15 millionwhich she does not have, to compensate her former husband for 15 months.

The actress’s lawyer He has already announced that he will appeal the sentence, although in the opinion of the millions of people who have not missed any details of the long and mediatic legal battle, the clear winner is and will be Johnny Depp.

With the disbelief and the reputation of the actress in doubt, the question of whether we will see her on the big screen again is inevitable. Also the future of Johnny Depp is uncertain. In the case of Amber Heard, everything seems to indicate that, for now, yes. At least in films already shot and about to be released, as is the case with ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’in which he shares the spotlight with Jason Momoa. At first, while the trial was being held, there was talk that the producer would have considered separating her from her and eliminating the scenes in which she appeared giving life to the superheroine Mera, but in the end it will not be like that. The premiere of the second film of ‘Aquaman’ is scheduled for March 2023, and that will be when the face of Amber Heard returns to theaters.

Amber Heard and Eduardo Noriega, together in a movie

But it will not be the only premiere of Amber Heard for next year. Italian production ‘In The Fire’ will also hit theaters in 2023. The film will take us to the 80s, where Heard will give life to Grace Burnham, a psychiatriste New York will have to treat a child who might be possessed. In the film Amber Heard will share the leading role with the Spanish actor Edward Noriega.

Finally, according to the IMBD portal, the actress will also participate in ‘Run Away with Me’, a film, still in the pre-production phase and of whose cast only the name of Heard is known, which will narrate how an American in Paris falls in love with a model and both are involved in the criminal underworld of the european modeling industry.

Amber Heard would have a net worth of 12 million dollars

At the moment, therefore, it seems that Amber Heard continue with his career. New projects that will bring economic benefits to deal with the millionaire compensation that must be paid to Johnny Depp and that right now, according to some sources, is impossible for him, since his assets, it is estimated, would barely reach $12 millionaccording to some American sources.

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New projects, signed before the resolution of the trial, yes. From now on, we will have to wait to see if the producers they keep betting on her or they turn their backs on him definitively. But, above all, it will be necessary to see if the public is able to see the actress and forget about the woman who, as a jury ruled, one day defamed her ex-partner, actor Johnny Depp.

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