Amber Heard tries to stay positive after losing her trial against Johnny Depp

A even though he lost the lawsuit against Johnny Depp, Amber Heard it still has a lot of positive things going for it. For starters, you have to take care of your daughter Oonagh Paige, 14 months. the people of People reported that they spoke with someone within their inner circle to learn details about their outlook on life after the trial.

Initially, it is believed that Amber Heard he’ll keep his head down and forget about this thing for a while. However, she decided to offer an interview that left her in an even more difficult situation. Even though this source talks about Amber Heard’s next steps away from all the drama, that interview says otherwise.

Amber Heard is not finished

Losing this case in no way indicates that Amber Heard is giving up his attempt to bring down Johnny Depp. Regardless of what the jury rules, she still sticks with her story of sexual and domestic abuse. That interview showed that she is far from walking away from that story, but she needs a breather to regroup and start her strategy again.

Johnny Depp She may think she’s off the hook, but Amber has the conviction to stand up for her story and keep trying to convince the world of Johnny’s malice. With the whole world against her, she would think that she is willing to let him go, but she is not.

Perhaps spending time with your daughter and the rest of your family will give you that peace of mind you need. Becoming one of the most public figures in the world because of this trial was the worst possible press he could have received. But what is more important, Amber Heard he’s definitely trying to keep this ball rolling because he wants to get his career back.

After ending the trial with this loss, many of the world’s largest studios will think twice before hiring a person deemed toxic as Amber Heard. You need to clean up your image and start putting out the many fires you left burning when you wrote that op-ed on the blog. Washington Post.

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