Amber Heard plummeted audience numbers after her first television interview

It may be that the trial for defamation of Johnny Depp against Amber Heard over for the actor, but not for the star of Aquaman, who after the jury gave its unanimous verdict, began a battle out of court. The new scenario is the media. Last week she gave an interview to Savannah Guthrier for Dateline NBC, where he stood firm with the testimony he gave in court, however, the rating was well below the numbers that the channel usually has. In accordance with Los Angeles Timesthe actress lost credibility.

As reflected in Nielsen-recorded figures, the interview earned a 0.3 rating in the key demographic of viewers ages 18-49, and just 2.3 million viewers. The network hoped that the on-screen appearance of heard raise the audience Dateline beyond their regular rates. Not even the secrecy that the actress maintained since the verdict was known was enough to generate expectation or at least draw the attention of the most curious.

Amber Heard with Savannah Guthrier on Dateline NBC (Credit: NBC Video Capture)
Amber Heard with Savannah Guthrier on Dateline NBC (Credit: NBC Video Capture)

However, the result was the opposite, since it attracted the show’s second smallest audience since November, according to TVLine. Although the network publicized the show throughout the week and even aired several sneak peeks that ignited public opinion as to the reliability of Amber’s testimony, the strategy was not enough.

Amber Heard expressed that she stood by the testimony she gave in court in Fairfax, Virginia.
Amber Heard expressed that she stood by the testimony she gave in court in Fairfax, Virginia.

A few hours after the broadcast of the special, the debate took place on social networks where they called the interview “vindictive” and a complete “failure”. Likewise, others went beyond words and focused on analyzing Heard’s behavior.

Several experts in behavior analysis gave their opinion about the development of the actress in the broadcast of the program last Friday. In this sense, Jesús Enrique Rosas, a well-known expert, went ahead to analyze the segments that NBC promoted before broadcasting it in its entirety, and considered that not only were there rapid changes in the emotions of the actress, but they were also contradictory.

A body language expert analyzed Amber Heard’s mannerisms during her interview on NBC

With more than half a million followers on YouTube, he identified the inconsistencies in his statements, explaining that Amber’s intense blinking “indicated anxiety” and marked a lack of facial synchronization between the upper and lower face area.

In his opinion, the actress’s behavior generated “severe doubts about the legitimacy of her words and if he really believed in what he said”.

A body language expert analyzed Amber Heard’s gestures during her statement

Amber Heard’s body language analysis is nothing new. During the trial, Janine Driverformer retired federal agent, in dialogue with Court TV, maintained that the words and actions of the actress were not consistent.

On that occasion, he emphasized facial expressions when he stated that the lawsuit process was “the most painful and difficult” he had ever faced in his life. However, as she described it, Heard she bit her lipand the expert explained that it was a way to replicate the movement similar to sucking thumbs, which translated as a comforting gesturequite contrary to the content of anxiety and pain that his words conveyed.

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