Activists and journalists attacked during demonstration in Toluca Cathedral

Injured activists and reporters during the demonstration of LGBTTQ+ communitywho demanded approval for same-sex marriages, repression by members of the state police on the steps of the Cathedral of Toluca.

The protesters They found the streets closed around the cathedral with fences and members of the police to protect the area due to the inauguration and beginning of the Pastoral Ministry of the new archbishop, Raúl Gómez González.

After the attempt to pass the fences, the protesters were intercepted by the police guarding the premises during the ceremony, an action that gave evidence to clashes verbal and physical.

Journalists duly identified covering the demonstration began to be beaten with police shields; videos and statements on social networks of protesters and citizens rectified the assaults.

“My colleagues and I were doing the coverage, when a group of state policemen ran over one of my colleagues who had his knee fractured,” Claudia González, a correspondent for El Universal, told local media.

The Secretary of Security of the State of Mexico, will investigate through live broadcasts made by journalists, who were the people who abused their power and will be subjected to investigation to carry out the corresponding sanctions.

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