A model accuses Chris Brown, Rihanna’s ex-partner, of having drugged and raped her

Rihanna’s fans can’t even see him because of the mistreatment with which he treated the singer (a beating, in fact, almost disfigured the diva’s face). Chris Brown, in addition, has been in the news since then, known for his comings and goings with the justice system, in particular for the violence with which he has treated women: if it came to light last June that he was being investigated for assault on another woman, now it is a model who allegedly accuses the rapper of having drugged and raped her, as explained from the portal TMZ.

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The young woman, who prefers to remain anonymous due to the reprisals that Brown’s fans could carry out, alleges that the musician sexually abused her while they were on a yacht that was docked outside the house of rapper Sean. Diddy Combs, on Star Island, on December 30. The demand that has been filed is 20 million euros.

Jane Doe, the name used by the model to preserve her privacy, clarifies, yes, that it is a choreographer, dancer, model and musical artist that she was with the musicians at a party and that Rihanna’s ex-partner went from being friendly to raping her in a matter of minutes. She explains that, while she was making a video call with an acquaintance who was on the boat, Brown took her cell phone and asked her to come closer.

When he arrived, he recalls in the letter, Brown asked him if he wanted a drink and that he accompanied him to the kitchen. There the rapper offered him a mix of drinks, “in a red glass”, and they began to talk. As he ran out of one glass and began to drink the second, he began to feel “a sudden and inexplicable shift in consciousness” which caused him to was “disoriented, physically unstable” and that she began to fall asleep.

It was then, when she claimed she was “high,” that Chris took her into a room. In the letter, she explains that the musician closed the door to prevent her from leaving, took off her bikini bottoms and began to kiss her. Doe insists that she told him to stop, but he not only did he not stop but he insisted and ended up raping her and ejaculating inside her.

Then, he explains, Chris Brown jumped out of bed and told him “it was over.” Furthermore, he adds that Brown wrote to him the next morning to remind her that she had to take the morning after pill. Although she was, she points out, distraught, she remembers that she did exactly what she was told.

According to her lawyers, Ariel Mitchell and George Vrabeck, the young woman suffers from severe emotional anguish and they argue that if she did not report immediately it was because of the enormous shame she felt and because of the many responsibilities she had for her medical studies. The lawyers confirm that they are “committed to ensuring that the victims are heard” and that They urge “anyone who has information” to contact them, in case the complaint should be of a higher caliber.

Neither Brown’s representative office nor the artist himself they wanted to comment in this regard, but in 2019 he already received another lawsuit and counterattacked denouncing the young woman for slander.

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