Xbox Game Pass: What are the deliveries that will leave the service at the end of June?

Like every month, XBOX Game Pass adds and removes titles from the catalog, that’s why we tell you which video games will no longer be part of the service at the end of June. Read more here!

Half of the year arrived and with that XBOX GamePass take the opportunity both to renew its video game catalog, as well as to make deliveries of it. By the time it ends June, there will be four games that will say goodbye to the paid service of microsoft.

With the drops of Limbo, the roguelike darkest dungeon Y Greedfall in the middle of the month, it’s time for a new batch of deliveries to come out of the GamePass and from now on, we anticipate that you will not suffer from the lack of these video games.

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That’s right, they didn’t see the image wrong, one of the 4 deliveries to go will be FIFA 20 (console and PC). This edition of the virtual soccer simulator of EA Sports is already outdated, given that in a few months we will have news about EA Sports FC, what should have been FIFA 23. In compensation, GamePass will have FIFA 22 from June 23.

To continue in the same field, we have to talk about MotoGP 20 (console, cloud and PC). More than 2 years after its release on the market, the video game that shows us from a privileged position the experience of being a professional motorcyclist suffers from the same problem as FIFA 20: both were discontinued, with rosters and signings not updated.

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The third installment to leave XBOX GamePass it will be Jurassic World Evolution (console and cloud), game based on the hit movie Steve Spielberg. Create your own park for dinosaurs! That is the premise with which Frontier Developments caught us in 2018 and, although it will be out of the catalog, there is already a second installment of this game, so maybe we will see it in the future.

Finally, it’s time to last stop. It may not be known at first glance, but this installment presents us with an experience from three different points of view and where your decisions will determine the fate of the game.

last stop

What do you think of the games that will leave XBOX GamePass? For those interested in knowing more about the product offered Microsoft and XBOXvisit his Web official, where you can see the plans and take advantage of the offer of $39 Argentine pesos for the first month of subscription.

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