Will Smith reveals that he drank Ayahuasca more than 10 times: ‘I developed great confidence’

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What a revelation! The actor Will Smith shared his experience with Ayahuascawith which, he assured, he managed to develop great confidence.

And it seems that his first experience was extrasensory, so much so that the actor decided to repeat it 13 times more.

To live this moment – the newly Oscar winner – traveled to Peru, after a friend told him about his own experiences with this ancient concoction.

Smith investigated and decided to do so as well, up to that point, stating that he had not tried any other such substance.

The infusion helps to clear and open the mind/Photo: Pixabay

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a traditional medicine used by the shamans of the Amazon since ancient times.

It is made through the decoction of a vine that grows in the jungle (Ayahuasca, from which the concoction takes its name), together with the leaves of another plant, the chacruna. The result is a potion with a strong hallucinogenic power and, for many of its defenders, a healer.

even those shamans, who support this sensory journey, ensure that Ayahuasca does not cause hallucinations, but rather takes you on a journey to the unconscious, connecting with the most spiritual part of those who consume it.

Upon entering the body, the substance produces, among other effects, alterations in perception and cognition that allow opening certain doors that our brain had closed, in most cases as self defense mechanism.

A potion with a strong hallucinogenic power/Photo: Pixabay

How was the Will Smith experience?

The ‘Men in Black’ actor reported that, throughout 2 years made at least 14 approaches with Ayahuasca from where he was able to obtain various learnings.

And he managed to reflect that at least 99% of what worries people never happens.

“In my travels I developed a confidence and a love for myself that I never had, I trust that I will be fine, no matter what happens”, he concluded, Will Smith after having tried the Ayahuasca.

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