Will ‘Formula One’ be a new ‘Top Gun’ with Brad Pitt?

    No, we are not referring to ‘Top Gun 3’, who knows if it will arrive in another 36 years, but to the next project of the director of Top Gun: Maverick, Joseph Kosinski. An action movie about Formula 1 with real races and Brad Pitt as a superstar.

    If the successive box office records of Top Gun: Maverick is that you don’t need a shared universe or a superhero movie to bring audiences back to theaters. There are millions of people around the world who want to see scenes like the ones we saw in the best movies of the 80s, like the top gun from 1986: frenetic action, freeway racing, a physical atmosphere and, above all, the feeling that what happens on the screen it is real and not a marvel of digital effects. In a word: show.

    Joseph Kosisnki has taken full note of this. with the sequel TRON: Legacy learned all the possibilities that CGI puts at the disposal of a director, but it has been since oblivion subordinating it to real action. The special effects have to make the action scenes more amazing, but not replace them. Top Gun: Maverick has confirmed another thing that he learned with that film: the biggest special effect is the charisma of a superstar like the ones before. Like in the best Tom Cruise movies, like Chris Hemsworth in spider-head or like Brad Pitt, who in each photo proves to continue to be the most attractive man on Earth. With those names you don’t need superheroes.

    In his next film, which for now could be titled Formula One (‘Formula One’), Kosinski returns to an environment similar to that of Maverick: heto Formula 1 instead of the academy for fighter pilots. We may not have a homosexual scene like the volleyball scene in Top Gun, but the fast paced, luxurious and sexy lifestyle of car racing is guaranteed. And the environment and the physical action are two keys to success. We also saw it in Le Mans ’66 the wonderful film of the pique between Ford and Ferrari of Matt Damon and Christian Bale.

    The other key is, of course, the star. Brad Pitt has the same contained and physical bearing of Tom Cruise and a similar price at the box office. Like him, it is a glory already advanced in years that has enhanced his expressive skills with the wrinkles of the face without losing an iota of his attractiveness. And besides, he has previously raced on a circuit, driven by Alex Wurz, in a Pescarolo prototype.

    brad pitt, formula one

    Brad Pitt after doing a full lap around the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit with a Pescarolo prototype driven by Alex Wurz.


    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kosinski is also going to bring together a large part of the team of Top Gun: Maverick, include the co-writer Ehren Kruger and the legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer (alongside Chad Oman of Jerry Bruckheimer Films). They are joined by the seven-time Formula 1 world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton, who will also be producing alongside Pitt, and who could make sure that everything we see in the film accurately reflects the experience of being in the cockpit of a racing car

    Joseph Kosinski’s next film has just signed an agreement with Apple TV +, which has required five months of negotiations. And it is that Kosinski has an innovative launch strategy for the platform but it seems that he has not been able to convince them until he has verified himself that it is not such a bad idea to give time to a movie in theaters like Top Gun: Maverick before launching it streaming.

    Instead of a token, limited theatrical release before the Apple TV launch, Formula One could have an exclusive window in theaters of at least 30 days (and a THR source says up to 60). That’s much more than they enjoyed Wolfwalkers (30 days) or The tragedy of Macbeth (21 days) and, above all, many more rooms.

    “We have an exciting distribution plan that includes a guaranteed worldwide wide-format cinematic experience, which then turns into an exclusive streaming deal on Apple TV+,” Kosinski told The Wrap. “It’s a hybrid model that is maybe the way that broadcast and theaters can co-exist for the right stories.”

    By large format Kosinski refers to IMAX theatrical release and other premium experiences such as Dolby, 4D theater or ScreenX screenings (expanded screens)which have been an important source of income for Top Gun: Maverick.

    “It’s almost funny for me to see people who are so in love with real photography,” continued the director. “Young people haven’t seen much of that. They’re so used to CGI being a tool in big movies that when you shoot something for real, it feels groundbreaking.”

    That’s what you intend to do with Formula One: “film real races and real cars“. It’s going to be a big challenge, but exciting for me.”

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