Why doesn’t Lana Del Rey have Instagram? Curiosity, career, real name

There is a mysterious charm that has enveloped Lana Del Rey since the very beginning. Expression of a countertrend, she preferred a style lounge 1950s-60s to contemporary pop, presenting itself with its deliberately retro image. But something hasn’t worked out over the years.

Lana Del Rey and the charm of nostalgia: what went wrong

There was a moment, in the early 1910s, when pop experienced a period of great splendor. It was the time when Katy Perry consolidated his success with his luckiest album ever, Teenage Dream. Similar to that “battered” and eccentric aesthetic, almost the result of the best dystopian nightmare, the Lady Gaga revolution had taken hold, materializing with The Fame Monster and, shortly after, with Born This Way. In that exact juncture, in which colors and shapes were mixed in the most improbable combinations, an anomalous melody for the period echoed, at first in a timid and then more and more decisive way.

Lana Del Rey

A few initial piano notes and a hint of harp inaugurated Video Games which anticipated the release of the album Born to Die. And that low, warm and whispered voice, which in the following years would have been an essential source of inspiration for artists of the caliber of Gross And Billie Eilishwas the sound of the indie countertrend that took shape in Elizabeth Woolridge Grantbetter known as Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey, the indie countertrend is melancholy

The voice, the look and the nostalgic trend: everything screamed meloncholy in the way of doing Lana Del Rey. As if the artist felt he did not belong to this time and did everything to go back, starting with the well-groomed look ad hoc. Eyeliner, babydoll and backcombed hair borrowed from Priscilla Presley, but also Lolita-style high-waisted shorts quickly became her signature brands. At the expense of expectations, that melancholy back on horseback between lounge and rock, seemed to appeal to the public. And Elizabeth Grant, after trying them all with Lizzie Grant, May Jailer and Sparkle Jump Rope Queen (his other stage names), he had found his optimal form with Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey

The 2012 is the year in which Born to Die made it known to the general public. In addition to the single of the same name and the aforementioned Video Gamesthey go out National Anthem, Blue Jeans, Summertime Sadness And Dark Paradise. With the next EP, that is Paradise, Lana Del Rey already has a solid fan base. Surprisingly, the artist manages to find a space within the musical panorama, in sharp contrast to the desire for light-heartedness that characterized those years. The success, also due to the realization of the song Young and Beautiful for the soundtrack de The Great Gatsbywith Leonardo Dicaprioquickly makes Lana Del Rey a pop phenomenon. A peculiarity that betrays the intentions behind the character of him, born as an expression of a narrow niche.

Lana Del Rey

But, after all, it is the inevitable parable of indie: as it spreads on a large scale, it stops being. And so it happened also for Lana Del Rey. While continuing to make music – in the following years they come out Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, Lust for Life, Norman Fucking Rockwell !, Chemtrails over the Country Club And Blue Banisters – has never had the same success as Born to Die. Likewise, Lana Del Rey was accused of being more a phenomenon of custom than musicalgiven the care dedicated to the image at the expense of the discussed live performances (to remember the controversial exhibition at Saturday Night Live on the notes of Blue Jeansin 2012).

Because it has disappeared from social networks

In short, Elizabeth Grant still continues to be a enigma endless, especially after deciding to deactivate their social profiles some months ago. If the artist justified herself by stating that she depended on “many other interests and other activities that require privacy and transparency“, The truth could be another. For many, in fact, her decision would depend on the continuous pressures that have accompanied her since the beginning of her career, in reference to the accusations of make toxic relationships ‘glamorous’, which she always rejected. Whatever the truth, however, the change that Lana Del Rey was able to bring with her to the music scene is undeniable.

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