Who is the technological entrepreneur with whom Camila Cabello was walking in Los Angeles

Camila Cabello has not ceased to be in the public eye. From images of her completely resting on the beach, to the success of her latest single “Bam Bam”, everything would indicate that she is having a good time. However, her followers are unaware if she is also like that in matters of the heart. It seems that there could be a new love in the life of the singer.

After announcing their separation with Shawn Mendezseveral of her fans ended up with a broken heart and since then she has not met another couple, until now, since rumors of a possible romance after the singer was caught while taking a walk with a mysterious man.

Camila Cabello enjoyed a few days of relaxation on the beach
Camila Cabello enjoyed a few days of relaxation on the beachBackgrid/The Grosby Group

The breakup was public on Instagram. In November 2021, the stars revealed the news in a joint statement.. “Hello. Boys. We have decided to end our relationship as a couple, but our love for each other as humans is stronger than ever,” their posts read.

Months after that announcement, it could be that the Cuban-American has found a new love. Camila was recently seen with austin kevitchdating app manager Lox Club. Although it might be thought that the crush occurred in that environment, that is not a way to meet celebrities. The link was Nicholas Galitzine, the singer’s co-star in Cinderella, the last movie he made for the Amazon Prime Video platform.

Camila Cabello was caught with an Austin Kevitch while they were taking a walk in Los Angeles
Camila Cabello was caught with an Austin Kevitch while they were taking a walk in Los Angeles@camilacabello_1523/Instagram

In the photos that became viral through an Instagram account of the singer’s fans, they could be seen walking with a relaxed attitude while sharing laughter and with comfortable walking looks on the streets of Los Angeles. In the comments, some even compared him to the interpreter of “Miss”. So far it is unknown if the new images would reveal only a friendship or a new love.

Although Cabello and Mendes separated, they maintain a good friendship, and after the breakup they have been seen walking together. “I love Shawn and I feel like there is literally nothing but love for him. Finally, I’m in a place where I feel like I’ve had experiences. I’m in therapy and I’ve worked a lot. My approach has really changed a lot, ”Camila said in an interview when the breakup was known.

They say that a good change of look helps to close cycles, open them or celebrate them. In the last hours, Camila Cabello got rid of her dark hair and dyed her hair blonde.

Camila Cabello shows her change on Instagram
Camila Cabello shows her change on Instagramcamila_cabello/Instagram

It was through her Instagram account that the 25-year-old singer modeled in front of the mirror with her new image, in which her long hair with brown waves stands out.

In addition, to accompany her photos, she wrote the word “honey” in Spanish. Camila always goes for the more laid-back outfits, but, as she’s shown, she’s not afraid to take some risks. It seems that she is preparing to reap all the successes of her work and, who knows, maybe soon the news of a new love.

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