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  • Sarah Nichols has participated in tapes in American and Mexican
  • Why are Pascacio López and Vanessa Bauche not in season 2 of “War of Neighbors”?
  • Why is Loreto Peralta not in season 2 of “War of Neighbors”?

neighbors war” has been the focus of many controversies in recent weeks. We’d like to say it’s because of the fun plot of the Netflix series, but really, it revolves around serious allegations towards Pascacio Lopez, who gave life to Genaro in the first season. Two actresses spoke about his traumatic experiences with the actor and one of them was Sarah Nichols. Therefore, we tell you everything we know about the actress.

The 40-year-old interpreter was the first to file the complaint for the crime of rape against Pascacio López. After a few days, Nichols decided to take courage and Tell your difficult experience in front of cameras.

In an interview for “windowing”, He told how he met him and highlighted that the situation occurred within the recording set of “War of Neighbors”. The actress assured that just two days after meeting him, the abuse occurred. Likewise, he confessed that he did not know how to react and that he did not report it at the time because he was afraidHe even went to a psychiatrist.

I am looking for a conviction because that is justice, because I began to recognize that if I did not speak I was allowing this man to be disguised as a decent human being and allowing he would probably keep hurting more people”, he said in the interview.

Nevertheless, Sarah Nichols was not the only one to publicly denounce him. vanessa bauchwho played López’s wife in the series, said that he tried to forcefully kiss her. For these reasons, the actresses decided not to participate in the second season of “War of neighbors” and the production decided to also remove the person involved.

Sarah Nichols and Vanessa Bauche together during the recording of the first season of "neighbors war" (Photo: Sarah Nichols/Instagram)
Sarah Nichols and Vanessa Bauche together during the recording of the first season of “Wars of Neighbors” (Photo: Sarah Nichols / Instagram)


Sarah Nichols is an actress and model originally from amsterdam, but grew up in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. As for his studies, he entered the University of Los Angeles, California (UCLA) and also graduated with honors from New York University School of the Arts.

He has participated in some Hollywood and other Mexican productions. For example, it was part of the George Clooney movie, “Michael Clayton”. Also, she played Elena in “12 Rounds”. Meanwhile, in the “echo of fear”, had a more leading role with Roberto Quijano.

In his social networks, he has shared his experiences in different parts of the world, because he loves to travel. She has been to France, Belgium, the United States, Mexico, Spain, Italy and many more.


  • Full name: Sarah Nichols
  • Date of Birth: April 6, 1982 (40 years old)
  • Place of birth: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Height: 1.79m (5′10″)
  • Languages ​​spoken: Spanish, English and French
  • Mother: Joni Nichols
  • Instagram account: @sarahnichols8


In the first season of the “Neighbourhood War”, Sarah Nichols plays the supporting role of Montsewho appears in four chapters.

Actually, the same actress has confessed that it was a small role in the series, but that ended up having a serious impact on his life

Despite all the controversies and the actors who have withdrawn, Netflix continued with the productions and, on June 17, the second season of “Guerra de Vecinos” premiered on Netflix.

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