where to find these adorable critters and how to easily tame them

Axolotls are one of the strangest and most desired creatures in Minecraft. They were included in the update Caves and Cliffs and since then they have been persecuted by players to become part of their pet families. If you happen to find them, you can tame them to decorate your home and take advantage of their advantages.

In search of the lost Axolotls

Axolotls can be found on any world Minecraft. Many users believe that this is not the case due to its rarity: very specific characteristics must be given for these little friends to appear.

  • They appear in the water groups of 1 to 4 individuals. You must venture to height -63 of the world, that is: look for an ocean or an underground lake. The place must be dark.
  • The most frequent biomes of appearance are those that have many caves, underground lakes and mines with water. If you find columns of bubbles, you could be very close to the appearance of a group.
  • Don’t bother looking for Axolotls in rivers or the open sea. They like darkness and depths.
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Now that you know where to look, I’ll tell you what to look for. exist various types of Axolotls that are differentiated by their colors and spots. They are all small and neutral, so they won’t attack you if you swim around them.

  • Leucistic Axolotl: pinkish in color
  • Wild Axolotl: brown with spots.
  • Golden Axolotl: golden in color
  • Cyan Axolotl: from a light cyan color, becoming white depending on the configuration of your screen.
  • Blue Axolotl: the color blue.

The Blue Axolotl’s spawn chance is 1 in 1,200 (0.083%), making it the most coveted version by all players. All other variants have a chance of 1,199 out of 4,800 (24.98%). In other words: they are not easy to find.

Why have Axolotls at home?

The only thing left for you to know is why you should (or shouldn’t) have Axolotls at home. What can they bring you?

  • the axolotls are hostile against sea creatures such as fish, squid, drowned, guardians or elderly guardians. They ignore turtles, for example. Make 2 points of damage by attack.
  • They can be out of the water for a maximum of 5 minutes, unless it rains. If they are longer, they die.
  • If you are close to a water source (16 blocks), the Ajolon will systematically seek to return to the water. You can tie them with ropes.
  • By helping an Axolotl defeat another sea creature, you receive a temporary health regeneration and “mining fatigue” will be eliminated.
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Taming and raising Axolotls

The good news is that it is extremely easy to take the Axolotls home with you. Use a bucket of water to catch it. Now you have to go home and create a pond or fish tank so that they can live. Here you could use the glass guide to make a completely transparent fish tank for your new friends.

Imagine that you already have your Axolotls installed in their fish tank. How to breed more? you need to have one adult couple and several buckets with tropical fish (use the bucket to catch them). Give him the tropical fish to each Ajolon until hearts come out on his head. After a few minutes, a hatchling of Ajolón will spawn. They take 20 minutes to become adults.

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