When does Uncharted premiere on Netflix? The DATE on which the film arrives has already been confirmed


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If you need a dose of Tom Holland in your life, a new movie of this talented actor will arrive in July 2022 on Netflix, Unchartedthe latest blockbuster from the man known as Peter Parker brings some adventure this summer.

The trailer is based on video game action adventure sony and playstation, which is starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, and the bartender and pickpocket, who is approached by Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) to join him on his search for the treasure of the Magellan expedition.

Its theatrical release was February 18, 2022, the critics of the experts were not very good, however, the film would collect more than $400 million in box office receipts.

Now this adventure movie arrives on Netflix in July, so all those fans who couldn’t see it in the cinema can enjoy it on this streaming platform, thanks to the agreement that Sony signed with the transmitter.

When does Uncharted premiere on Netflix?

According to What’s on Netflix, Uncharted will be released on Netflix on July 15, 2022. The film is confirmed so that it can be seen in the United States, in the case of other countries of the world the later date will be announced.

The film contemplates being Netflix for a little over a year, 18 months to be exact. After this period, it will move to Disney streaming services like Hulu or Disney+ or maybe both.

Tom Holland Movies on Netflix

This action movie Netflix will join another of the leading roles of Holland. While not many of his projects are available to stream on the service, expect more to start streaming in the future.

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