What will become of Cristiano Ronaldo?

With Manchester United the relationship is now worn out. CR7 will have to decide what to do, in the balance of power between the Portuguese and a club, he wins the arm wrestling. But there are few companies that can afford it

The question about Cristiano Ronaldo – in this early summer 2022 – is basically what Ezio Greggio made become a smash in epochs of dancers and pajettes: Is it him or is it not him? Cerrrrrto that’s himbut also no.

Who is really the Christian who put himself up for auction and who will almost certainly leave Manchester? In the meantime, he is a 37-year-old athlete, still intact, but inevitably tending towards that avenue of the sunset that – you know, from Ibra down – the champions always try to push away. He has just returned from a season that would sound like an excellent result to many – he scored 18 goals in the Premier League, not pizza and figs, third in the top scorer list after Salah and Son, both with 23 goals – but that his disproportionate ego has archived like a half failure. Suffice it to say that in the last thirteen (13!) Championships between Spain and Italy, Real Madrid and Juventus, he had never dropped below 20 league goals this season. The last CR7 under 20 was – look at it – the last one in England in the year 2008-09. Perhaps it is the level of competition in the Premier League that is no longer good for him, that is, it does not allow him to reach his level. Looking elsewhere for a lighthouse that will illuminate it again is not easy: from the suggestion Rome – an impracticable track due to the roof and the lack of feeling with Mourinho (who at the time of Madrid hurt his pride by saying: “The real Ronaldo is only the Phenomenon” ) – up to the PSG, in these days the transfer market has opened a range that contemplates everything, even the possibility that it goes to support the sacred loins in leagues far from the maps of common sense and its fame.

The truth is that Ronaldo also brings his own brand as a dowry, a global brand, a character that is not easy to get in tune with the group – I know you and I are not a *** – and an extra-large salary: he earns 23 million net euros per season and also imagining a cut in salary – but why should it, then? – there are very few clubs in the world able to please him.

You don’t sound irreverent: in the balance of power between CR7 and a club, he wins the arm wrestling, the champion with whom – in the words of his former teammate Szczesny in these hours – “we always start from 1-0”. But is it really so? This year his coach – that Ralf Rangnick with whom he has never tied – dared the inosable, ruling that “Cristiano has the duty to score more and to be more decisive”. He isn’t anymore, ahilui. His favorite hunting ground – the Champions League – has become a room where he works professionally, but without the spark of the good years. With Manchester United he has always scored in the group (6 goals in 5 games), but he got stuck in the only match he counted: the one in the round of 16 against Atletico Madrid. The lack of a deuteragonist also weighs on his mood. Messi has disappeared, he is experiencing the autumn of the patriarch in Paris, waiting for the last ring to leave a trace in the history of Argentina: the World Cup. We know: Ettore without Achilles would not have made the Iliad what it is, so Cristiano feels more alone, the new technician Ten Hag has already discharged him, struggling to repel the onslaught of the new advancing – Haaland, Mbappè – and he too is looking for his Last Dance, perhaps in Qatar, knowing that he will no longer win the Ballon d’Or: he raised the last one in 2017, this year he hasn’t even been on the podium. Meanwhile, the news concerning him spreads secrets about the love bunker built for his and Georgina’s use and tells us about the accident of his 2 million euro Bugatti, which crashed into a wall. Don’t underestimate the detail: someone else was driving, not him. And no one takes it as an omen.

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