What happens legally when an MCU actor reveals a spoiler?


Marvel suffered many headaches because its actors revealed spoilers for upcoming movies. What happens legally in that situation?

The law says...
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Marvel is the most important superhero franchise of today with a clear dominance in the Hollywood industry since its inception with the remarkable film Hombre de Hierro (2008), starring Robert Downey Jr., to film events of the magnitude of Avengers: Endgame either Spider-Man: No Way Home. It is always important for the brand led by Kevin Feig keep the plot of these movies hidden.

However, on more than one occasion, franchise actors shared spoilers for the projects they were working on. Although it is a “unforced error”the truth is that the legal department of Marvel has the power to act in this situation if the study is damaged in any way. The truth of what can happen in these cases lies with a lawyer.

a difficult situation

Former Lead Production Lawyer for Marvel, Paul Sarkeranswered in Reddit about this possibility and said that revealing these secrets is actually a breach of contract That opens the possibility to be sued for damages. Although the exact amount of money to which the trial could be raised was not revealed, it is clear that we are talking about a figure that would mean a headache for the defendant.

fans of Marvel remember actors spoiling movies like the case of Mark Ruffalo making a live stream with the audio of Thor: Ragnarök or some cases involving the actor of spider-man: Tom Holland. Although both interpreters did not act in bad faith, the studio was able to assume that he was affected by these actions and act legally accordingly, but… is it all black or white?

Most of the time an MCU actor revealed a spoiler, the situation ended up playing in favor of the studio, as for example in the case of Mark Ruffalowho the next day melted into a hug with Kevin Feig and everything served so that the film has more promotion than expected. Maybe it’s not ideal, just in case, the protagonist of Ms Marvel, Iman Vellaniswore to number one Marvel that I would never drop a spoiler in the best style Tom Holland.

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