[VÍDEO] Chris Hemsworth goes full nude

Not exhibiting Thor naked would be a crime against humanity“. That’s how clear it is for the director of the latest movie of the Marvel character, Taika Waititi.

The first trailer for the film revealed that moment when Zeus strips all his clothes off the superhero played by Chris Hemsworth. Of course, it appeared pixelated, to avoid the censorship and a higher age rating.

The director’s bet

“I think that if you have a body like Chris even he understands it. It would simply be a waste not to display it. It would be a crime against humanity. So you have to feed the masses“Defends the filmmaker in an interview.

The fans are more than delighted and the interpreter did not put many hits. “We knew we wanted to do it for a long time. It was already in the first draft of the script and Chris was with us,” confirms Waititi.

Capture of the film 'Thor Love and Thunder' / DISNEY

Capture of the film ‘Thor Love and Thunder’ / DISNEY


On more than one occasion, her husband Elsa Pataky has played with her nudity on social networks, but few expected it to happen in a movie like Thor. And less considering that Disney is the company behind Marvel Studios.

Doubts, therefore, have appeared with the version that Hemsworth himself has shared on his networks. There, the character appears covered in a tunic. will we see Naked Thor and without pixelating when the tape is released?

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