Until further notice… First drill 2022 in CDMX is suspended

The Government of Mexico City recalled that the drill was suspended which was scheduled for this Tuesday, June 21.

Through Twitter, he indicated that he has not authorized the carrying out of no similar exercise through apps.

The activity was scheduled for 1:00 p.m.

Until now, the authorities have not rescheduled the exercise and they only reported its cancellation until further notice.

Through a statement issued on June 15, the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC) reported the suspension of the drill and added that like every year, the capital would be part of the National Drill commemorating the the earthquakes of September 19, 1985 and 2017which this year falls on a Monday.

“The population and the different sectors are invited to continue applying measures that contribute to strengthening the culture of prevention in Mexico City, among them, having an updated Family Plan for Risk Prevention, which includes the participation and responsibility of each member of the family in case of an earthquake of great magnitude”, informed the SGIRPC.

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