Tom Hanks defends his wife from fans and they compare him to Will Smith

Tom Hanks is known as one of the nicest entertainers in Hollywood, however he recently came under the spotlight when staged a confrontation with fans that almost tripped his wife. In a video in which the couple tries to get to their car and is followed by fans, the actor can be seen reacting angrily, which sparked comparisons to Will Smith.

Tom Hanks defends his wife from fans who almost dumped her

Actor Tom Hanks was leaving an enclosure and walking with his wife Rita to get to his car when he began to be followed by paparazzi and fans who wanted photos with him. Between the crowd, some followers of the actor ran into his wife, which caused the anger in the famous.

In the video, his wife can be seen stopping for a second, causing people walking too close to push her and almost causing her to fall.

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Seeing this, Tom became furious and aggressively told them to get away. because they almost dumped his wife. At the same time one of his bodyguards stopped him to prevent the situation from escalating.

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When the video was released, many compared it to the incident that actor Will Smith experienced at the last Oscars ceremony when he defended his wife from ridicule.

“So who learned from whom? Tom Hanks by Will Smith or Will Smith by Tom Hanks.”

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Most of the comments defended the actor’s reaction, considering that he was simply defending his wife and that the fans were wrong to get so close to them, which caused his angry reaction.

Social network users they believed that anyone would react the same way if they assault a loved one and remember that celebrities are also people who get angry and have feelings.

Many even said that his reaction had been worthy of respect for defending his wife, despite being angry.

“Sorry to hear about the people who almost dumped Rita. They were 100% wrong to follow them so closely. It’s good that you defended your wife.”

They also commented that it is not fair that people get angry with others for wanting to defend their wives as these celebrities have done.

However, not everyone was on his side, as some also criticized the fact that he had shouted at the fans.

“It’s disappointing to see the video where you yell at fans because they bumped into your wife. I guess she’s really just a millionaire celebrity who doesn’t care about others like the rest.”

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