Tom Cruise Returns To Ride The World’s Best Motorcycle In ‘Top Gun: Maverick’: An Exorbitantly Priced Limited Edition That Pays Homage To The ’80s Movie – CINEMABLEND

The veteran performer has an incredible collection of motorcycles, but the Kawasaki Ninja H2 Carbon are big words even for him.

Tom Cruise has once again stepped into the shoes of one of the most iconic characters of his career as a performer, the Captain Pete Maverick Mitchellin Top Gun: Maverickthe movie sequel to the legendary 1986 film Top Gun: Idols of the air that catapulted him to fame. In the film, as in real life, 36 years have passed and the professional pilot played by the actor has more than three decades of service in which he has built an impressive reputation, so now he has been entrusted with the mission to return to Top Gun Academy and train a new generation of elite airmen for an urgent mission.

The new film in the unforgettable action franchise is a gift to its legion of fans around the world and, from the hand of some of its star characters and other new ones who are a breath of fresh air, it is full of nods to the original. One of them, of course, in the form of the impressive motorcycle that Maverick drives.

The test pilot was already traveling on the back of a motorcycle in the first film and, in fact, the scene in which the protagonist drives his motorcycle next to a fighter plane taking off and with a sunset on the horizon is one of the most iconic of the film. Motorcycles remain Maverick’s passion in the new film and, yes in Top Gun: Idols in the Air riding the fastest motorcycle in the world at the time, Tom Cruise has once again chosen the best model out there.

And it is that Tom Cruise is a true lover of these two-wheeled vehicles and, as the fact of being a consecrated Hollywood star allows him, has a collection that would delight any motorcycling fan.

What motorcycle replaces the mythical ‘Top Gun’ in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, how much does it cost and why is it a nod to the original

The model that Tom Cruise drove in 1986 was a Kawasaki GPz900R and, on this occasion, Cruise has also opted for a motorcycle from the famous Japanese firm: the Kawasaki Ninja H2an authentic madness as the GPz900R was in its day and that is almost unique in the market.

As they remember in this specialized website Hot Carsin 1986 the Kawasaki GPz900R was way ahead of its time and what set it apart the most was speed. Its design was special and that allowed it to be lighter, smoother and therefore also agile and fast, and it was also the first to proudly bear the emblematic signature of the Japanese house ‘Ninja’. So, Maverick’s bike in top gun managed to become a true icon of both the film and among lovers of this type of vehicle.

A) Yes, it was necessary that the new motorcycle Top Gun: Marvel It was also one of the best in the world.

And the choice was clear: the Kawasaki Ninja H2 Carbon, the new model in the Kawasaki Ninja line that, in addition to being Kawasaki’s fastest motorcycle, It is also the fastest motorcycle in the world and the first to exceed 400 kilometers per hour. One speed, yes, only suitable for race circuits. The vehicle weighs around 200 kilos, which is not much for a motorcycle, it emits an exhaust sound that is unique in the world, and its production of units has been limited.

“Taking the exclusive H2 to the next level, the Limited Edition Ninja H2 Carbon has a presence that few machines can. Equipped with a carbon fiber fairing, with Ohlins rear suspension, there are only 120 examples of the Ninja H2 carbon”, can be read on the official Kawasaki website. A) Yes, The price of the model amounts to around €37,000, one of the highest of this type of machine, which the pocket of a Hollywood star like Cruise can undoubtedly afford.but that limits its limited number of units in the world.

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