To the rhythm of dembow! Camila Cabello breaks loose dancing “La mama de la mama” by El Alfa

Camila Hair was infected by the tasty Dominican rhythms of the dembow and danced “La mama de la mama” by the alpha. The Cuban singer shared the dance with her millions of followers through Instagram stories where she tagged the Dominican artist.

In the audiovisual that the interpreter of “Bam Bam” or “Hasta lostoothes” posted, she appears recording herself from above while giving free rein to her movements with a red sports outfit and a filter that distorts her face by simulating horns on her forehead. Behind her, there is a mirror so you can see perfectly how her Cuban moves her hips.

The famous Dominican couldn’t help but react to Camila Cabello’s video and reposted it in his stories where he commented: “I love you Camila. As my grandmother says, you knew.”

Latin music lovers love this type of interaction between singers and, faced with this exchange, many quickly fantasize about the possibility of a collaboration between them. Would you like it?

Capture Instagram / The Alpha

For now, the Cuban singer is drinking in the hits from her latest album “Familia,” which includes songs like “Lola” with Yotuel Romero“Bam Bam” with Ed Sheran or “The Good Life”.

Meanwhile, El Alfa continues to expand the dembow to other parts of the world with their catchy songs, which are making thousands of people dance around the world and on social networks.

Here we leave you the song of “La mama de la mama” so you can start the summer just like Camila Cabello: dancing!

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