This Saturday, Inclusive Cinema at the Imax of Knowledge

With “Lightyear”, the space adventures of the endearing astronaut from Toy Story continue on the IMAX billboard, but this Saturday with a screening under the “Relaxed Screening” modality, adapting it to the needs of people with sensory difficulties.

The special function will be at 3:00 p.m., with free admission for boys and girls with the corresponding certificate. In addition, “Jurassic World” says goodbye to the missionary screen.

Always advocating for a more inclusive society, the IMAX of Knowledge will incorporate a special function for people with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), sensory difficulties or auditory hypersensitivity into its grid this weekend.

Admission for these people will be free (provided they attend with the CUD (Single Disability Certificate) as well as for a companion (if the certificate so expresses it) and until the capacity of the room is exhausted, which will be reduced due to the fact that Some rows of seats will be removed for the greater comfort of those present.

In this way, the IMAX Knowledge staff has been trained to address a series of issues specific to this situation, while there will also be special modifications, namely: Room capacity reduced to 70%, room lighting at 30% and illuminated corridors, reduced volume to avoid shrillness, possibility of speaking and moving around during the performance.

Lightyear an animated space odyssey

The film that follows from Toy Story tells us the story of the young space ranger who fights to return humanity to its home. Starring Chris Evans (Captain America) and directed by Agnus MacLane (Finding Dory), “Lightyear” is a prequel to “Toy Story” (1995) and one of its most remembered characters for being, perhaps, the one who does not assume the reality of being a toy and believes he is a guardian of the galaxy, confusing reality with fiction.

Jurassic World, the end of history

Produced by Universal Pictures, the franchise that began with Steven Spielberg in 1993 (Jurassic Park), closes, after almost three decades, a story that continues to sweep the international box office: Jurassic World: Dominion. The final chapter of the Jurassic World trilogy, directed by Colin Trevorrow, set out to bring together the protagonists of both sagas, such as Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern, as well as Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt ( Guardians of the Galaxy). Little is known about the plot, but everything indicates that the dinosaurs took over the screens.

Tickets on sale at parquedeltecnologí

Billboard of the IMAX of Knowledge from Thursday, June 23 to Sunday, June 26 (ATP)

Thursday 23
18.00 Lightyear (2D Spanish)
21.00 Jurassic World (3D Spanish)

friday 24
18.00 Lightyear (2D Spanish)
21.00 Jurassic World (3D Spanish)

Saturday 25
15.00 Lightyear (2D Spanish) relaxed function.
18.00 Lightyear (2D Spanish)
21.00 Jurassic World (3D Spanish)

Sunday 26
17.00 Lightyear (2D Spanish)

20.00 Jurassic World. Domain (3D Spanish)

General admission $800. Retirees and children under 12 years of age $600. Tickets available on the imaxdeltecnologí website or on the IMAX App.

People over 13 years of age must show the mandatory COVID-19 Sanitary Pass accreditation with a minimum of two doses (through the vaccination booklet or the Alegra Med or Mi Argentina apps), for all events, exhibitions and/or presentations, which take place in the Knowledge Park.

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