This is the mansion overlooking the sea that Emma Stone sold in a week for 4.42 million dollars

Emma Stone decided to sell her beach mansion that she owned since 2018and it’s such a luxurious space that a buyer arrived a week after the property was listed. He offered it at 4.42 million dollars, although until now the identity of the new owner is unknown. What is known are all the details and luxuries of this house located on top of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, in California, United States.

At the time, Stone bought the mansion for $3.25 million.according to new york post; but now it will be the new owner who will enjoy all the spaces and adaptations that the actress made for it. The property is one story, approximately 1,800 square feet of construction, and sits on approximately 3.2 acres of land. It’s like a ranch facing the sea and with places where you can live with nature.


It is not yet known why the 33-year-old American decided to get rid of this mansion and it is not the only one she has in her listing of properties, including other homes in Los Angeles, New York and Austin, Texas.

One of the main lounges inside this luxurious house is the elegant living room that has exposed beams, a fireplace and plenty of room to rest. One of the most striking aspects are the large windows that it has in this place, through which you can also go out to the terrace to get some air or see the sea in front of you.

The mansion has spaces to enjoy the outdoors
The mansion has spaces to enjoy the outdoors

The kitchen it is not the same one with which Stone bought his house, since he decided to remodel it to his liking so that it would be in the style of the rest of the decoration in white tones. It has painted brick accents and a skylight over the sink. The crystalline windows realize all the nature that is around this site.

the remodeled kitchen
the remodeled kitchenNew Focus for Sotheby’s International Realty

As for nature, it also has a brick patio, an outdoor place where you can rest in the shade offered by the huge eucalyptus and yucca trees. There are some loungers and chairs for anyone who wants to connect with the plants while feeling the breeze from the beach.

The patio surrounded by nature of the Emma Stone mansion
The patio surrounded by nature of the Emma Stone mansionNew Focus for Sotheby’s International Realty

The whole house itself has modern finishes and decorations, mainly in white and gold tones, accompanied by large mirrors and tiled details. The bathroom is equipped with large glass and even some rustic toucheslike a log inside the shower.


As for the rooms, it only has three, but with all the comforts. They all have ocean views and also large floor-to-ceiling windows, which are almost everywhere in the mansion. From the bedrooms, not only can you hear the waves, but you can also see the trees. Actually, the whole house is surrounded by nature, so it gives an atmosphere of tranquility.

The rooms have sea view
The rooms have sea view

The property that belonged to Emma Stone has a plus: it is on top of a cliff and, as can be seen in the following photograph, plants are the main decoration of the entire neighborhood. Apparently, it is not the only house in that area, so it is very likely that the ones around it have some similar characteristics.


There are also beamed ceilings, that give the feeling of spaciousness thanks to the white and neutral tones with which each space is decorated. It is something that is observed throughout the house: the bricks in white, with some golden touches in the accessories of the walls and the ceiling.

Emma Stone's house in Malibu has perfect decoration details
Emma Stone’s house in Malibu has perfect decoration detailsSotheby’s International Realty

Although it is not known why the Oscar-winning actress sold the house, at least his fans already have an idea of ​​what the spaces in which he probably studied the scripts are like for your movies.

Emma Stone sold her house in Malibu
Emma Stone sold her house in MalibuSotheby’s International Realty

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