They show Camila Cabello uncensored in a thong revealing her cellulite

The singer enjoyed the beaches of Miami and wore a tiny bikini, the paparazzi captured her in strange poses that showed her imperfections.

Camila Hair He showed once again that he does not care about the criticism that can be made to his appearance, because he was seen wearing a tiny bikini on the beaches of Miami.

The 25-year-old singer enjoyed a few days of relaxation accompanied by some friends and drew a lot of attention that after being criticized, she was seen in a thong.

“Who am I trying to look attractive for… if I can’t relax, have fun and play on a beautiful day at the beach!?” she said when receiving comments about her body.

camila hair

  • Day 1: Camila walked and enjoyed the sea, in a tiny turquoise blue bikini. The interpreter of “Havana” used a triangle top tied at the neck and a tiny bikini with ribbons on the sides of her.

“Girls, cellulite is normal; fat is normal… we have a very unrealistic image of the female body,” added Camila.

Then he did not miss the opportunity to play in the sand and looked natural her curves without fear of criticismproud of her shapely body.

The singer’s posture

Day 2: He took a yacht ride with friends and took to the open sea. Although she was attacked online for showing her body, she also received good comments for giving a positive message.

This day she wore a swimsuit in the same style as the previous one, but in orange. He sunbathed, swam and had fun with his friends.

Camila Cabello was captured just when she was lying down revealing all her imperfections, something that she mentioned is completely natural in all women.

“What is health, if you are so obsessed with the appearance of your body, that your mental health suffers and you cannot enjoy your life? I have never felt worse. We live in a culture that has become so used to an image of what a woman’s body should be, that it is completely false to many,” she shared on Instagram.

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