They create Santa Fe Klan brand beer and design impresses Internet users

  • Designer creates the Santa Fe Klan beer brand and the result surprises Internet users.

  • Santa Fe Klan has more than nine million monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

  • The work of the tiktoker, in any of its designs, has been applauded by a significant number of users.

TikTok is the window through which a designer shows off a piece of their work, like rapper Santa Fe Klan’s beer design.

As he has done on other occasions, Ernesto Serna Reyes or “Mr Brander”, as he calls himself on the Chinese social network, shows a bit of his work and creativity by developing the beer of the rapper Santa Fe Klan, which has conquered a considerable number of Internet users.

The work of this tiktoker is, in fact, interesting, because is dedicated to redesigning the logos of some of the most iconic brands in the world, such as Pepsi, Yakult, Gucciamong many others, but since they were luxury brands.

And it is that, today, thanks to the enormous visibility that TikTok has, content creators have a great window to publicize their work and, above all, their creativity, with which they have even earned to some brands.

This would be the Santa Fe Klan beer brand

The cases of Emily Zugay and Sr Brander, to name a few, are among the most striking on the platform developed by ByteDance; two designers who, based on their work, have managed to work with some brands.

Now, in his most recent video, Ernesto Serna Reyes created the Santa Fe Klan beer brand, inspired, of course, by the rapper Santa Fe Klan, one of the most popular today.

The result, as usual in its contents, has surprised a considerable number of Internet users, who do not stop applauding the work of the tiktoker and, in addition, making requests.

With a clip that is barely 15 seconds long, Mr. Brander shows a bit of his creative process, so that, in the end, he shares his design as follows:


Reply to @vsp.x.ferxkim Tag @Santa Fe Klan if you liked the #design ?? #beer #santafeklan #logo #logos #logotype

? original sound – Ernesto Serna Reyes

Now, social networks host all kinds of content, from those that are limited to following trends or “challenges” and even those that dare to do other things, which, as strange as they may seem, attract the attention of the users.

One of the platforms that encourages user creativity is, without a doubt, TikTok, the social network that, after the arrival of the pandemic, became fashionable and has won over millions of followers.

In the almost six years since it was launched on the market, the Chinese social network has already exceeded more than one billion monthly active users, an achievement that has even placed it as the most popular and most searched site on the internet, above big companies like Google, Meta, Amazonamong other.

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