These are the craziest creations from Boss Factory, the Saints Row character editor demo

Anyone who plays Saints Row knows that it has a complete character creator. That’s why now that the new Boss Factoryit is normal that incredible results have been given.

Many players have taken this creativity very seriously and since this gives them the tools and everything necessary for it, the rest is what we tell you.

Now -Boss Factory if you don’t know him yet- is a downloadable demo of this character creator. It’s got new tools like sculpting your own face, prosthetic limbs, and all under a layer of a lot of Saints Row.


Saints Row – Customization Trailer

This can also be shared with other players and other users can download them, which is why meeting celebrities and series characters is inevitable.

We are going to make a small compilation with some of the creations that we have found and that seem to us to be the best. Starting with the fact that the game account itself has encouraged users.

In this tweet You can see that they have launched a challenge to create video game characters, with an image of Sonic.

In the responses to the tweet you can see some awesomeness from other video gamessuch as with Tomb Raider or Fary Cry 3.

For example the user LexFelix69 has created to Montenegro and has shared it with the rest of the world. She has been quite faithful to the antagonist character of the Ubisoft game.

another one is Lara Croftthe user bambibutera has shared his creation directly brought from Tomb Raider to come now to Saints Row in search of more treasures to find.

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And ending with the games, to the user broskiplays_ it seemed like a very good idea create Mario with Boss Factory. The truth is that as an idea and execution they are fine, but I don’t think everyone accepts it completely.

But in other tweets they also launched celebrity creation with the creator of Saints Row, and some accounts have been encouraged to make characters played by real-life actors.

For example AceOfTradesIIIwhich has created the Agent J (Men in black) originally performed by Wil Smith. With and without sunglasses, you know why of course.

The Saints Row fans and players They have been inspired by a lot of pop culture, but despite this they will have been delighted to create the most varied characters.

Whether or not they end up in the game, the Saints Row Boss Factory System It is a wonder and a tool to create everything that is put in front of us.

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