The secret of Jennifer Aniston to have a body of cinema turned 50


Wednesday, September 8, 2021 –

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She is neither very tall nor very thin, the canons of beauty that she defended Coco Chanelbut at 52 years old Jennifer Aniston She still makes us envious, as much or more than three decades ago, when we met her on ‘Friends’.

About to premiere the second season of ‘The Morning Show’ -announced for September 17 on Apple TV+-, the series that stars with Reese Witherspoon and that in this new stage also has Julianna Margulies (‘ER’ and ‘The Good Wife’), Jennifer is splendid and can boast an enviable figure; it seems that her years do not pass by her although she does not go through the operating room.

How is it achieved? Most of the actresses Hollywood They say the same thing: drinking lots of water, eating healthy and sleeping the necessary hours… Well, no; I also do it and the result does not accompany.

And that is why we love, more, Jennifer Aniston. A defender of real beauty, the actress has demystified the perfect bodies of cinema, hers included. “I’m taking care of the only body I have,” she says. And she does it, she confesses, with a lot of effort, a strict sports routine and following a very healthy diet; Without these premises, her body would not be the same.

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Boxing, yoga and cardio -with a treadmill at home- are part of your daily training. His favorite routine to keep fit is the 15-15-15 method, which consists of dividing a 45-minute cardio session into three parts of 15 minutes each, divided between elliptical, running and spinning, the latter to especially strengthen the legs and buttocks. A workout that always ends with a sauna.

They are strict habits that she has made a way of life. And the only way to maintain her splendid figure. Because although another star in her fifties and great, Jennifer Lopez, affirms in her social networks that “being kind helps you stay young and beautiful” as the only secret of youth, it is not enough. Jennifer Aniston it is much clearer and more sincere: for her, as for most, positive thinking is not enough. Her film body hides secrets, and a lot of work.

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