The Rock gave a house and luxury truck to a WWE fighter


How many cases have we heard of celebrities who become millionaires and squander it, but there are some who know how to invest correctly to become even richer. Such is the case of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsonthe highest paid actor in the world and one of the greatest legends of WWE, whose money is enough to give houses to relatives.

Through Instagram, the protagonist of films like “San Andreas”, “Jumanji” and soon “Black Adam” shared the big surprise he gave his cousin Tamina Snukawho is a current fighter for World Wrestling Entertainment, to whom he gave a house so she can raise her two daughters as a single mother.

“Hard to explain the emotions driving Tamina to her new home. This felt so good. Surprise, cousin! enjoy your new home (…) My heart is proud of you, I love you and I will always protect your back when you need it”, is part of the message that The Great One dedicated to his cousin, but the surprises did not stop there.

One day after giving him the house of his dreams, The Rock arrived with another huge surprise: a 2023 luxury van in black and tinted windows, which again made the gladiator break into tears, who debuted in the McMahon family company in May 2010.

“My cousin is the true example of humility, hard work, breaking bad cycles and overcoming obstacles. Life as a fighter is very difficult and it is even more so for a woman who is a single mother who tries to raise her little ones by being on tour practically all year round for so many years,” the actor dedicated to his family member.

​The Rock’s family in WWE

Samoan heritage Dwayne Johnson It unites him by blood with several current WWE fighters, starting with his cousin Roman Reignsthe greatest figure in the company today and who carries the two most prestigious titles, the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship.

Jimmy and Jey, who form The Usos and they are the RAW and SmackDown Couples Champions, they are also the first of The Rock, the same as the aforementioned Tamina SnukaIn the lineage of the past, people like Rikishi and The Wild Samoans stand out.

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