The new exclusive VW Vocho that will cost 12.5 million pesos

Thanks to modern technology, every day it is easier to bring classic cars back to life with current components. This culture is called “Restomod” and, in this case, the VW Beetle, fondly known as Vocho in Mexicojoins this long list of modern reinterpretations.

Manufactured by Milivié, a small company in Germany, only 22 examples will be built, in honor of the 22 million units sold worldwide. However, what is even more impressive is its price, as the company is asking 600 thousand dollars for each of them.

This means that if you want a Modernized VW Vocho, you will have to pay a little more than 12.5 million pesos at the current exchange rate. Milivié, the company that will manufacture the car, assures that it is worth every penny, since it will put endless elements that will make it unique.


Each one will be based on a 1972 Vocho, which will only deal with the metal monocoque and the car’s floor, since the rest of the panels are manufactured by the company for the model.

On the outside, elements such as a completely modern lighting body will stand out, with thin lines but that, in some way, take inspiration from the original components of the model. At the back, the iconic engine vents are maintained and a slight spoiler is added.

In profile, only the 19-inch wheels with a 5-arm design and, if you are more observant, you will notice that the door handles are hidden in the bodywork. The mirrors maintain the same retro style but are completely new pieces.

Regarding mechanical issues, Milivié assures that the chassis has been rebuilt to adapt independent suspension in all four corners. The engine remains as the same 4-cylinder boxerbut its displacement is increased to 2.28 liters and two Weber carburettors manufactured specifically for the model are added.


There is no final power figure, but this engine is mated to a Porsche-sourced 4-speed automatic transmission. For those looking for it, a manual version will be offered, but it will have an extra cost.

Inside, it will stand out 12.3-inch main screen with a special operating system for the model. The pedals are also uniquely designed, and the door and seat panels are inspired by a Porsche 911.

As a good “Restomod”, it will have elements such as wireless charging for cell phones, USB ports, automatic air conditioning, an audio system with 9 speakers, reverse cameras and parking sensors.


Additionally, each unit will come with a travel luggage kit specially designed by Bill Amberg to match the interior color of the car.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this VW Vocho modern will have an unusual cost: 12.5 million pesos. The first model will be delivered in July 2023, completing the 22 units scheduled for May 2025.

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