The image of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow is used again by Disney

ANDn 2018, four days after Amber Heard’s accusation of Johnny Depp for physical and mental abuse during their marriage, Disney decided to publicly disassociate himself from the actor. The mouse company has the rights to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, the saga of films of which Depp he was the protagonist. Both achieved good results, the conglomerate obtained a lot of money for these tapes and the artist enjoyed great popularity in the role of the Captain Jack Sparrow, but despite this, the studio separated from the performer.

also in 2018, Disney’s production manager Sean Bailey, confirm that Johnny Depp will not be part of the plans ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. He did not expressly say that it was because of the accusation of heard but it is understood. The saga will continue but not with him Captain Jack Sparrow, This was indicated by the producer of the films himself, Jerry Bruckheimer, that the script for the sixth film did not include Depp.

Disney reuses the image of Johnny Depp in Disneyland Paris

But now things may change, now that the resolution of the defamation case in favor of the actor is known, his reputation is coming back. Proof of this is that the very Disney has regained the image of Captain Jack Sparrow in a show at his Disneyland theme parks. Last weekend, in Paris, could be seen in the mythical castle of the park the face of Johnny Depp, in his role as a pirate in a fireworks display. In addition, they played famous phrases of the character on the megaphone.

Johnny Depp already said that he will not be Captain Jack Sparrow again

Although it is a good guide on Disney’s part, Johnny Depp felt “betrayed” by the company for leaving him aside for the Amber Heard accusations. The actor has already made it clear that he would not return for anything in the world to play Jack Sparrow: “Nothing in this world, not even 300 million dollars and a million alpacas,” he said about the possibility of returning to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’.

Depp he is very angry because Disney he has continued to profit from his character. “They didn’t take my character out of the rides. They did not stop selling dolls. They didn’t stop selling anything. They just didn’t want there to be something behind me that they could find.” fans ask the company to apologize after knowing that the actor is free of the crimes of which he is accused Amber Heard.

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