The F**king Nicolas Cage Experience or “The unbearable weight of a huge talent” – Film review

By Dimas PL

Here at Wake And Listen we were lucky that the friends of the cinema chain mk2the production company ADJ Proyectos Audiovisuales and the publishing house Astiberri, will invite us to the incredible, the cyclopean, the immeasurable «The F**king Nicolas Cage Experience«.

A marathon of eminent films of the title Nicolas Cage what happened in the past June 18 at the Palacio de Hielo Shopping Center in Madrid.

As I personally like this man very much, to the point of having a cushion stamped with his face, it seemed very bad not to appear there to dedicate, even if only, a few little words of love to his latest film “The unbearable weight of tremendous talent.”

Yes, of the whole marathon we only went to the last one.

Though with Air be the apple of my eyes and Face to face all a wonder of the WTF? we think too much Nicolas Cage in one day it can be detrimental to the optic nerve and the sense of reality.

To make this easier we will say that from 1 to 10 on the SNC scale (“Nicolas Cage Bearable”) where 0 is “No one who is not a Nicolas Cage fan can bear the film” and 10 is “Suitable for all audiences” this movie gets a 7.5.

In other words, many people can see it and they will like it despite the fact that Nicolas Cage appears repeatedly as the protagonist.

We must also say that there were two types of subjects in the cinema:

1) Those who expected it to be an infumable disaster and cry inconsolably at the exit for the loss of time invested.

2) Those who expected it to be an infumable disaster because they enjoy that the Cage movies are an infumable disaster.

I have to say that both lost because the movie, if not good according to the “Mimimimi” canons of Cahiers du cinéma, it was entertaining. Perhaps much more powerful in its initial part than in the ending, but almost always fun.

And see that sometimes, due to how bizarre the plot is, he wobbled.

It is very difficult to keep such a warp stable from pe to pa.

However, there they were, highlighting things unrelated to that plot. Like the more than palpable chemistry between Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, The Mandalorian) and Cage. And the deployment of the “not so stupid” Paco León in his role as villain.

Pride is what I feel to see this actor perform so well in a North American-produced film.

The room laughed. And it is that one of the things that is not going to happen to you on a platform like Netflix, HBO, etc… is to see your laughter supported by that of other strangers. The forces add up and in a short time you have more than twenty shadows in the dark breaking their asses in unison and making your night happy.

In the film Nicolas Cage it rarely leaves the plane. Everything revolves around him and although this could make anyone sick, his unconditional fans take them to the purest ecstasy. A high nirvana in which someone, at last, answers the inherent questions in their ear “Nicolas Cage is going bald in a static way? What the hell is wrong with his bangs, where does it come from? Are his tickets moving forward?”

They even miss the fact that what they were promised as an action comedy is inherently a comedy, since its most energetic and explosive part only comes in the last stretch like a tail bang.

And it is that if something stands out from The unbearable weight of a huge talent, it is that the spectators were left wanting more. More madness, more atmosphere, more explosions, more The Nicolas Cage’s hard party. With stripes on dinosaur backs and free suntan lotion for everyone!

So I don’t think it will take long for the sequel to arrive:

Nicolas Kim Coppola VS Nicolas Cage!

Now…, there is no other, it is personal

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