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After the success of All the times I’ve written I love you (2018), an adaptation of his novel as well as one of his recent original films Netflix most successful, the talented writer Jenny Han signs a new production: it is the TV series Summer in your eyesnow available on Amazon Prime Videoand transposition of the novel on screen The Summer I turned pretty. In the cast of the series, Lola Tung, Jackie Chung (Coming Home Again), Rachel Blanchard (Deep Water), Christopher Briney, Gavin Casalegno (I Am Gabriel), Sean Kaufman, Alfredo Narciso (Demolition) And Minnie Mills.

First lightning strikes under the sun of Cousins ​​Beach

It is a coming-of-age story about first love, love at first sight, and the magic of a perfect summer. As always, she is a charismatic and adorable protagonist (the new promise Lola Tung), and above all “canonical” in the best sense of the term, which conveys the sense and enthusiasm of a movie love story, perfect for the weekend marathon.

The plot of Summer in your eyes follows Isabel (Tung), which everyone calls Belly, a teenager who spends every summer at Cousins ​​Beach, during his favorite time of the year. As she says in the first episode, her agenda is organized around these two months – why? It’s not so much about making sand castles on the beach as it is about spending time with Conrad (Briney) And Jeremiah (Casalegno), the children of the owner of Cousins Susannah (Rachel Blanchard), as well as best friend of Belly’s mother, Laurel (Jackie Chung).

The two families, united by great affection but also by evident social and economic tensions, are used to spending the summer together, but this year everything will be different, especially because Belly she is no longer a girl with glasses and braces, but a young woman who is about to turn 16 and is beginning to show a strong need for independence from her mother. This is how the protagonist will try to break the barriers that separate her from the world of adults, in a classic coming-of-age with a strong romantic component but, and this is one of the best narrative choices of the product, she never forgets that Bellyit is not the center of the universe“, And that there may be more serious dramas around her than the first drunkenness, from the point of view of adults.

Summer in your eyes tv series

Summer in Belly’s eyes and heart

This contrast between adolescence and the world of adults, the charisma of its enthusiastic protagonist and its delightfully pop playlist (obviously it cannot be missing “thank u, next” from Ariana Grande) make it really fun, even with some narrative obstacles that it would be good not to encounter in a second season. Summer in your eyes plays with the right combination of freshness and fun, without ever neglecting melancholy and sadness, moods often evoked not only by the summer heat but also by a delicate transition period such as that of adolescence.

Team Conrad o Team Jeremiah? This will probably be the hottest debate on social media in the coming weeks. Christopher Briney And Jeremiah Gavin Casalegno are made of the stuff of the classic heartthrob of teenage cinema: Conrad is moody to the point of arrogance and Jeremiah he enjoys annoying anyone. Summer in your eyes, faced with this romantic dilemma, he decides to put aside the trappings of love interest in favor of a significant growth of the character. It is a half-functional choice, in the sense that it is certainly good for the arch Bellybut not so much to the chemistry between the characters, which struggles to fuel and which is instead a crucial element of the vivid memories of the author in the books.

Even if the story takes its time to build the love triangle, which only takes shape late in the season, the relationship pattern is a bit problematic: Jeremiah is a charming character, but her entry into the love life of Belly it seems more like a way to make trouble for the brother Conrad that the proof of a sincere sentiment, and the direction of the final episode proves to be unable to completely dissect the question. Despite its less convincing aspects, Summer in your eyes will continue with new episodes (already confirmed by Amazon Prime Video) and we can’t wait to see if Jenny Han will be able to revive the fireworks not only in Cousins’ sky, but also in the relationships between its protagonists.

Although Summer in your eyes you don’t exactly reinvent the serial genre of the teen summerwith its first season manages to consolidate itself as a discreet entertainment product, very skilled in delineating the arc of its very nice protagonist, but not so much at fixing the frame of interpersonal relationships.

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