Sonia Isaza shows off her figure with a spicy post on networks

Sonia Isaza, the beautiful Colombian model, partner of the Chilean soccer player Arturo vidalsurprised his millions of followers through his social networks by sharing a “spicy” post in which he showed off his worked figure.

Through her official Instagram account, Sonia Isaza shared a little about her vacation in the Mexican Caribbean, with a couple of publications in which she appears showing her tremendous figure in a swimsuit.

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This pair of publications by the Colombian model quickly caught the attention of her followers, as they exceeded 40,000 “likes” and were filled with compliments for Sonia in the comments.

However, Isaza was not the only one to share how well she had a good time in the Yucatan Peninsula, as Arturo Vidal himself shared a video in which they appear dancing quite close to the rhythm of Sean Paul.

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