Sedal enters the Roblox metaverse

Sedal, the hair care brand of Unilever, a global consumer products company, has launched an immersive Metaverse gaming experience: “Sedal City” for the global gaming platform Roblox, the goal of which is not just a more accessible space for players, but also to inspire young women to broaden their horizons.

Harnessing Gen Z’s love of gaming, “Sedal City” features iconic real women combined with a variety of exciting points to create an inspiring and culturally relevant digital experience.

Despite the fact that approximately 41% of the 3.1 billion gamers worldwide identify as female, male characters outnumber their female counterparts by a 4:1 ratio, and female stereotypes are often compounded by characterizations. “damsel in distress” or gender-focused rewards.

In “Sedal City”, through 4 different super fun mini-games, you can collaborate with more friends, challenge yourself and discover a new world of possibilities.

Sedal is committed to generating positive changes in girls and young women, inspiring them to open up their possibilities, which is why it has made an alliance with Jessica Lakshmi, a Mexican biopharmaceutical chemist and passionate about video games, as an example of a role model in life real, to appear as an avatar and act as a presenter in the game.

This unique model seeks Jessica to be an authentic and accessible example, to inspire generations of women in the country. Currently, Jessica uses her social platforms to teach others about the practical implications of science and inspire other girls to enter the world of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Her avatar and her inspiring story are also featured in the Mexican ad campaign developed by Sedal, and she will be supported by a social media and influencer plan.

Along with the support of real-life role models, the mini-game and educational content of “Sedal City” provides inspiration to broaden players’ horizons and challenge traditional gender paths of life; from encouraging them to prioritize academics over housework in “Walk of the Superstars” to fighting in the game against toxic phrases that are usually used to humiliate women, with a virtual hair dryer in “Clearing the clouds” .

Players can also benefit from one of the most advanced hairstyle customization features on the Roblox platform, with the “Salonista” minigame, where they can manage their own beauty salon, fostering a sense of creativity and artistic expression for players and further improve representation within the Platform.

In addition, Sedal supports young girls to acquire tangible real-world skills through “Skills Workshop”, offering players 20 different free online courses, in partnership with the UDEMY learning platform. The courses provide young women with soft and hard skills that empower and encourage them to achieve their dreams in real life as well.

“At Sedal we seek to support young women to find the confidence they need to seek new possibilities for their future.” said Lila López-Negrete, director of Marketing for the Hair category of Unilever Mexico and Skin Care in Latin America.

Fishing Line City was created by Karta, a metaverse creative agency, and Roforco, a Roblox Game Studio. The virtual city is launched this June in Mexico, through the campaign’s ambassador, Jessica Lakshmi.

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