Scandal in Manchester City, they capture a footballer with 116 bottles of champagne

What happens in Vegas stays in Las Vegassays a popular phrase, but this does not apply when you are a public figure and in these times when anyone has a phone with access to social networks and can filter any situation.

And it is that the English soccer player who militates in the Manchester City, Jack Grealishwas caught at a party in “The City of Sin” where he is seen in an inconvenient state and with a woman who is not his current partner.

According to the newspaper ‘The Sun’, the player went to a nightclub where he ordered 116 bottles of champagne and at the end of his celebration he left accompanied by a woman whose identity is unknown.

The English team also had a ‘crazy’ weekend. He attended clubs and bottles of rosé wine valued at 3,500 euros circulated in a pool. According to witnesses, the player attracted several women whom he took to his suite.

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It was such a scandal that he caused that he has already defended himself against criticism, “I am the most expensive British player, but I am also the Jack of Solihull that my friends and family know. I know people were saying last week that he was doing ‘too much’, but I just won the Premier League. It’s a dream come true – why can’t I go on vacation?” he stated.

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