San Vicente hosts the filming of ‘Casi familia’, with Michelle Jenner and Julián…

These days San Vicente de la Berquera is hosting the shooting of the film ‘Casi familia’, directed by Madrid-born Álvaro Fernández Armero, which involves the mobilization of around 90 people from the team, 23 of them from Cantabria, and nearly 600 extras .

The filming in Cantabria of this film, with Michelle Jenner and Julián López in the cast, will continue for the next three weeks, in locations such as Oyambre and Seve Ballesteros as well as San Vicente de la Barquera.

The Vice President of the Government of Cantabria, Pablo Zuloaga, visited the filming, where he highlighted the economic impact that this type of activity has on companies and local employment, and its importance as a showcase for the region throughout the world.

As he explained, in economic terms, filming costs around 350,000 euros, including extras and technical equipment, which is around 90,000 euros; locations and logistics (70,000 euros); boats, vehicles and transport, which leaves around 40,000 euros in the region, to which must be added 60,000 euros in meals and catering expenses, and 90,000 euros in hotels and accommodation.

A “significant profitability” in terms of employment and turnover for companies in the area that adds to the indirect effect of projecting Cantabria with its landscapes and natural environment throughout the world. “We all know that the cinema is the best tourist advertising campaign”highlighted the vice president.

For this reason, he has assured that his department will continue to work on positioning Cantabria as a filming location and has valued the intense work of the Cantabria Film Commission to show the attractions of the Autonomous Community to the audiovisual industry, not only in terms of beauty and natural resources, but also with “important support work, facilitating and assuring producers that they will have all the resources and means they need within their reach”.

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