Rhea Ripley’s injury remains a mystery

Last Monday, June 6, Rhea Ripley won a Fatal-4-Way to become the contender for the RAW Women’s Championship at Money in the Bank. However, yesterday on RAW, Bianca Belair surprised the audience by revealing that Ripley will not be medically cleared to compete in the Premium Live Event on July 2. In the last few hours, all sorts of questions have been raised about Ripley’s injury, but WWE has not issued any responseand its status is still a unknown.

In the latest Wrestling Observer Radio program, Dave Meltzer, a renowned wrestling journalist, has talked about this topic with his teammates, and dared to make some speculation about the reason for his discharge, but little else. These were his words:

“I don’t know what the situation is. I hope to find out, but I’ve asked around and nobody seems to know exactly what’s going on. When they don’t say anything, the usual suspicions are COVID or concussions, and in both cases, the usual would be to be back in time for July 2 (Money in the Bank), that would be the most likely. The concussions, you know, it varies and all that, but you wouldn’t say firmly that it won’t be back.

It could be a knee injury or something, but yes, there are no details of anything at this time. It will probably come out tomorrow, I dare to estimate. But, that’s right, it won’t be ready for July 2. Belair basically said that I was going to give him a starting opportunity when he returnswhenever.”

Due to the cancellation of the match between Belair and Rhipley, WWE last night scheduled a showdown between five fighters with a shot at the Championship at Money in the Bank. Carmella got the victory about Liv Morgan and therefore will be the Bianca Belair’s opponent On July 2.

As for Ripley, the Judgment Day group member has not competed since June 6, the day he earned his shot at the Title. At the moment, any type of detail is unknown, but it is possible that he suffered the injury precisely in that fight and WWE decided to wait a few weeks to see if he could finally reach Money in the Bank.

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