references to other science fiction movies and series

Lightyear pays homage to various classic science fiction products, a detail that makes it even more attractive for fans of the genre.

Pixar’s new movie Lightyeara fun animated space odyssey Which brings us back to the universe of toy storyis full of subtle references and tributes to great science fiction movies and seriesincluding classics like starwars either star trek. Next, we will tell you what they are so that when you see the film you will be delighted with these explosive references.

Lightyear takes place years before what we see in toy storysince it is one of the Andy’s favorite movies as a child. The creators of Lightyear they tell us that the tape is a science fiction classic since before Andy received his Buzz doll. With that said, let’s go over those sci-fi references from Lightyear.

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ET the alien

ET the alien

If there is something famous in the saga toy story is the sentence “To infinity and beyond!”. In Lightyearthis phrase becomes a call and response used by space rangers. Alisha HawthorneBuzz’s commander and best friend, says it several times at the beginning of the tape.

The hand gesture that accompanies the phrase reminds us in a veiled way of the famous film ET the alienby Steven Spielberg. Specifically to the gesture of connection between Elliott and the alien creature with which he relates.

However, the reference was completely unintentional for the team; Angus McLanedirector of the film, explained that this was a gesture he made with his daughtermaking it a reference to MacLane’s own family.


Image: Pixar

Here are several references to the famous saga created by George Lucas: First, the lightsaber used by the space rangerswhich are not swords made of energy, but a more functional multi-tool, but the resemblance is unavoidable to see.

On the other hand, tentacled monsters of those who escape in the initial sequence of Lightyear They also look like they’re straight out of the box. grinder scene garbage from the starwars original from 1977.

But there’s more: Buzz Lightyear’s ship looks a lot like the Luke Skywalker’s X Wing when stopped with the landing gear down. If we keep a sharp eye, we can see that Buzz’s orange suit is like that of Luke and other pilots of the rebel group.

Also, when Buzz returns to his abandoned planet following the arrival of Zurg’s robot army, the swampy landscape he lands in evokes the planet Dagobah, where Yoda lives after his exile.

Lastly, as in toy story 2reference is again made to the father-son relationship between Zurg and Buzz, which is a simile to what happens between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back.

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star trek

dating star trek
Dates from “Star Trek”

SOX is the cute cat Lightyear, one of the characters that will surely become one of the darlings of the franchise. This pet reminds us of Spot, the orange cat companion from date in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In this case, Spot is a real cat helping an android become more human. In Lightyear, SOX is a robotic therapy pet who helps Buzz come to terms with (and acknowledge) his own humanity.

Battlestar Galactica

lightyear pixar animated tape science fiction
Battlestar Galactica

And here is another reference that we cannot ignore: Muffit II from the original Battlestar Galactica, from 1978. Muffit II is a robotic dog intended to replace the loss of a beloved pet. A main character lost his dog Mufit to falling debris, so his doctor gives him the creature as a form of therapy.

2001: A Space Odyssey

In Stanley Kubrick’s great classic we have a robot named HALwhich has a goal in mind: assassinate astronaut David Bowman. In Lightyear It also plays with the idea of ​​an AI that mutates into an evil being.

Also, the colorful light panels that appear whenever Buzz approaches or goes into hyperdrive is very much inspired by the psychedelic effect that occurs when David ends up entering an alien portal in 2001. It also reminds us of the classic “speed of light” imagery in Star Wars.

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Alien Y Aliens

Angus MacLane himself, the mastermind behind Lightyearhas said on several occasions that Alien It is one of his favorite films, which is evident in this production that he directs.

When Buzz boards Zurg’s alien ship, his interior design reminds Alien. Especially in the endless curved arches of the halls of the nave that look like the paths of the biomechanical ship of the Space Jockey in Alien.

In addition there is also a reference to Aliensthe sequel to Alienjust as Buzz and his crew find an old stall that has been invaded by a race of hibernating alien beings.

This sounds a lot like the main plot of Alienswhere a group of soldiers has to rescue a colony of humans who has been left at the mercy of alien creatures.

Captain America the First Avenger

cryogenic sleep

Chris Evans embodied the Captain America for the first time in 2011 and now lends his voice to bring Buzz Lightyear to life in this new Pixar production. Between both characters there are more similarities than it seems at first instance.

The moment Buzz comes out of the cryogenic sleep is incredibly similar to the moment when Evans’ Captain America comes out of the same state in 2011 Captain America: The First Avengerfrom 2011.

Let’s remember that Captain America is cryogenically frozen between World War II and the present day, which offers us another similarity with Buzz: this character does not age, while all his friends do.


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