Pull out your best tricks in the Vans metaverse on Roblox

Vans World, the metaverse of the company in Roblox

sports shoe brand Van’spresented the first virtual experience in the metaverse of Roblox call Vans World.

Vans World it is an immersive world where consumers will be able to interact, skate with their friends and customize their favorite shoes from the skateboarding line.

It is based on the platform Roblox that allows shared experiences to millions of people at the same time.

In that sense, Roblox allows regulars to Van’s find spots to skate, visit House of Vanslearn and perform tricks with the board and collect ‘Waffle’ coins to unlock discontinued or collectible shoes for the avatars.

The platform allows imitation of the movements of the tables, so that users can practice their ollies and kickflips, and constantly put their creativity to the test.

Among the iconic locations of the metaverse of Van’s this House of Vansthe historic house has a different space from those in real life, but maintains the spirit of the concept by including a skatepark within it.

Vans Worldis among the 10 most visited virtual worlds in Roblox. A key to this success was integrating the brand’s DNA and creating the first skatepark in a digital environment.

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The user only has to enter roblox.com register and download the games catalog of the platform.

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