Possible address of Riddle for WWE SummerSlam

After a positive streak, Riddle, who had been one of the most important talents in WWE programming, has chained two tough defeats that At the moment they have left him out of Money in The Bank. Last Friday on SmackDown, Riddle lost to Roman Reigns for the Unified Championship and last night on RAW he was defeated by Omos in a match where qualification for the briefcase match on July 2 was at stake.

These two losses have made Riddle’s position heading into the summer events an unknown. In the latest Wrestling Observer Radio program, Dave Meltzer, a wrestling journalist, has spoken on this subject, and believes that what happened between Riddle and Seth Rollins last night, It will lead them to a showdown at SummerSlam..

“I didn’t think I was going to win (Riddle against Omos), but I didn’t think there were going to be three slam followed by three others slam and later Rollins knocking him out. And obviously, the idea is that, with Cody gone, Rollins, who is the most important heel of the brand, will probably have a history with RiddleAnd there is nothing wrong with it”.

That’s why I said Seth’s Curb Stom didn’t bother me. But the whole story with Omos was just ridiculous. I just can’t understand it. It doesn’t make any sense, but hey, Rollins is at Money in the Bank. So the he is not going to fight Riddle in this PPV in any case. I guess the idea is to start a rivalry for SummerSlambut you know, one would think that we will arrive at the PPV (Money in the Bank) with Rollins doing segments with people who are in combat. “

In this way, Riddle is left without plans for Money in the Bank, but yes, he would have an assigned rival for next July 30 at SummerSlam. At the moment, there are three places left for the ladder match on July 2, although it seems unlikely that Riddle will receive another opportunity to get into the fight after losing clearly to Omos.

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