Pablo Chiapella: his wife for 17 years, his daughter, his anger with Nacho Guerreros and a friendship with Ernesto Sevilla

Paul Chiapella is Chape for friends. One of those closest to him is the humorist Ernesto Sevilla, with whom he has joined paths both in his personal and work life. They have known each other since childhood.

The actor, from 45 years, has become tremendously popular thanks to his role as Amador Rivas, el Cuqui, in the series the one that is coming. He was born in Albacete but he has Italian ancestry: his grandparents were from Turin.

After high school, graduated in Teaching and specialized in Physical Education. The truth is that interpretation was not his vocation, but they have ended up giving him job stability and enormous gratification. And he’s not bad at all: he has comedy in his veins and his resume is getting bigger and bigger with projects in theater, movies and series.

He has a sister, Rosana, and a brother, Carlos.

His wife, whom he met at LQSA, and their daughter

The comedy of the Caballero brothers not only gave him fame, it also put the woman of his life on the path. Is about Natalia Puente, a young woman in charge of styling of the series since the second season of LQSA, which premiered in 2007.

Emma García asked Chiapella in Live life A few years ago, who was behind those tight and striking thong models that his character, Amador, usually wears? And of course, Chiapella had no choice but to confess that it was her partner.

“Thongs are chosen by the wardrobe department. It turns out that curiously, the girl who chose my thongs in the second season has been my partner for 14 years now.. Now we have a girl named Valentina who is here thanks to those thongs, “she said with a laugh.

It’s been 17 years since they met and her daughter Valentina has turned five. “Father and more little things.” That is the phrase with which Chiapella defines himself in his Instagram biography.

A scuffle with his partner Nacho Guerreros

Nacho Guerreros is Coque and Pablo Chiapella is Amador Rivas in Mirador de Montepinar. They are two of the main characters of LQSA and, in addition, they had a good relationship off camera.

However, a conflict between them turned their friendship 180º. They went almost a year without speaking to each other despite the fact that they recorded numerous scenes together. Guerreros told it on the Nagore Robles program.

“I spent a year without talking to a partner for a nonsense that we could have both arranged. Fortunately, this happened many years ago and many years ago we became friends again,” he recalled, emphasizing that finally their friendship became above any anger.

He assured that Chiapella “had a very bad time and so did I. It was very unpleasant to love a person so much and be with him without speaking to each other except when you had to share a scene. I adore him, because we adore each other“, he explained.

"we can have a threesome"the witty proposal from Nacho Guerreros to Roberto Leal and Octavi Pujades in 'Pasapalabra'
“We can have a trio”, the witty proposal from Nacho Guerreros to Roberto Leal and Octavi Pujades in ‘Pasapalabra’ //

His friendship with Ernesto Sevilla since he was 9 years old

They were two children barely 9 years old when Ernesto Sevilla and Pablo Chiapella met at school. Ernesto’s bad behavior led to a casual meeting. They went to the same school, but not to the same class. Pablo Chiapella is a year older than Ernesto.

“They kicked me out of my class for misbehaving and they sent me to the older ones,” Ernesto recalled in La Noche D. Chiapella, at his side in the interview, looked back. “I was in class, paying attention as always, taking notes, when they planted it in front of me,” she said.

But Ernesto is wearing a cap that obscured the visibility of his partner behind him, who asked him to turn to the right to let him see the blackboard. “And he turned around, I saw his face, I freaked out and since then we are friends forever”Pablo explained between laughs.

Ernesto Sevilla and Pablo Chiapella
Ernesto Sevilla and Pablo Chiapella //

They lived together “in a cubbyhole” in Madrid

From the years of childhood they passed to those of adolescence and later youth. They changed Albacete for Madrid with the intention of making their way into the world of comedy, but things got complicated as soon as they landed in the capital. Finding a place to live was not an easy task, and not because of the prices… They got lost.

“We entertained ourselves, adventures arose for us. In the end my father had to come and tell us ‘you are imbeciles,'” Sevilla recalled before defining his humble home as “a chuchitril with carpet” in which they held many parties.

“See if it was a nest of shit where we lived, because there was carpet. And you slept on the floor and appeared in the room,” they recalled.

It was in the year 2000 when he made his way into the world of comedy thanks to his roles in sketches for the Paramount Comedy channel, where he was part of the chanting hour, program that catapulted a lot of now well-known comedians, like Carlos Areces, Julian Lopez, Raul Cimas…

The Chanting Hour
The Chanante Hour // Paramount Comedy

Also the so-called Albacete Quartet, a group of comedians formed by Joaquin Reyes, Ernesto Sevilla, Raul Cimas and the same, they were part of “los Chanantes”, that created the most surreal characters and plots as surreal as they are hilarious.

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