‘Olympia’ is born, the new city of health, sports and wellness in the financial center of Madrid

Health, innovation, knowledge and excellence, with expert specialists and cutting-edge technology at the service of medicine. It is Olympiathe new Quirónsalud Group center that opens its doors and is located in the Caleido tower, next to the Cuatro Torres Bussiness Area complex, Madrid’s financial district.

More than 12,000 m2 distributed over 3 floors to offer services of personalized health, prevention and sports promotion. A medicine focused on people, with the new trends in health, and the care of physical, mental and emotional health, as the main objective.

Not only intended for people with a health problem, but also for healthy people from prevention, well-being, sports, controlled physical exercise, nutrition and for those people who take care of themselves and prevent signs of aging.

For it, Olympia offers its services in three well-differentiated centers: sports center, Lifestyle Center Y Medical Center.

In sports centerthe specialists value the physical conditions to carry out a sport in a healthy and controlled wayand promote long-term sports practice to encourage healthy lifestyle habits.

Prestigious experts in Traumatology, Sports Medicine, Cardiology, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Psychology and musculoskeletal diagnosis, such as Manuel Leyes, José Tabuenca, Ramón Balius, Luis Serratosa, José Ángel Cabrera, Víctor Alfaro, Gloria Calderón, Arturo Gracia, Fernando Reyes or Ara Kassarjian, among others, deal with all kinds of sports and trauma injuriesoptimizing the physical condition of the professional or amateur athlete.

To do this, it has a 300 m2 gym that brings together the most sophisticated and avant-garde equipment on the market, thermal and rehabilitation pools, an Ice-Lab integral cryotherapy room as well as a hyperbaric chamber at a pressure of 3 ATA (Absolute Atmospheres) to achieve a hyperoxygenation in all cells of the body.

Another area, Lifestyle Centeris focused on the prevention, longevity and treatment of chronic patient with an integrative and functional approach to accompany people to achieve sustainable health.

Center made up of nationally and internationally renowned physicians such as doctors Ricardo Sainz de la Cuesta, Noelia Bonfanti, Rafael Arroyo, Eduard Estivill, María Calvo, José Francisco Tinao, Francisco Peinado or José Luis Martín del Yerro and have specialized units of Gynecology, Nutrition, Neurology, Prevention, Longevity and Integral Medicine, Men’s Health and Women’s Health, Dermatology or Rest Management.

Likewise, Lifestyle Center It has a unit for Facial, Corporal, Maxillo-Dental, Vascular and Intimate Aesthetics, among others. Furthermore, experts in Wellagingfor a natural, healthy and sustainable ageing, will promote the appropriate longevity management and the specific areas of cardiovascular and neurovascular prevention, oncoprevention and prevention of neurocognitive deterioration will be worked on.

The Medical Center it’s a medical-surgical center in which all medical and surgical specialties They work in coordination to treat any type of pathology. It is made up of medical and surgical specialists for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic pathologies.

Carlos Ruiz Escudero, Enrique Puras, Carlos Palomino, Alfredo Castillo, José María Echave-Sustaeta, José Luis Calleja, Luis Abreu, Carlos Durán, María Luisa de Mingo, Javier Rubio, Manuel Chamorro, among many others, make up his staff. The facilities have a outpatient major surgery service with the most advanced technology that allows performing minimally invasive surgical techniques to achieve surgery without admission.

The modern space is made up 68 high-resolution consultations, 25 examination and treatment rooms, 4 highly equipped operating rooms10 boxes in the resuscitation area (URPA), 12 surgical day hospital boxes, 2 endoscopy rooms with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

A radiodiagnosis area with the most sophisticated technology, 3 Tesla MRIconventional radiography, ultrasound, 3D digital mammography with tomosynthesis, densitometry and breast ultrasound, as well as a laboratory that includes advanced tests and 5 extraction stations, complement the Medical Center of Olympia.

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