Noni, champion of the Saw Minecraft Games

The The third weekend of June has left us with the Saw Minecraft Games as a great milestone, an event set in an emblematic film saga that has been promoted, among others, by AuronPlay. Throughout three days of ‘series’, up to 100 streamers have been passing all kinds of tests until only one has remained.

To the third day of competition only 30 streamers arrived alive. On Thursday it was only 20 that fell, but on Friday we had a real scramble that left 50 more with no chance of reaching the grand finals, where the PVP factor was much more important.

In fact, 18 of them went down relatively quickly and the last three survivors were Noni, D3stri and RickyEdit. The first two were the ones who stayed in the last duel, very inspired by the first and most popular Saw movie.

The final victory went to Noniwhich has not only won the award, but has managed to make itself known among the bulk of the community in the world of streaming who was not following him yet and will be a name to keep in mind in future dates.

But who is NoniGamer? He is quite a YouTube veteran which has two channels. In the main one, he is very close to reaching a million followers thanks to his videos, mainly about Minecraft but also about all kinds of content. He is not, in any case, a stranger, he has been present in series like London Eye, where he played Amancio Martínez.

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