Neymar Jr., the private jet of the Paris Saint-Germain striker forced to an emergency landing: it was headed for Brazil

The challenges and commitments of the season are over, but it can happen that the holidays of the players are compromised by some inconvenience. It is the case of Neyman Jr.whose private jetaccording to the British tabloid The Sunwas forced to a landing from emergency after leaving the Barbados with destination Brazil. However, the presence of the Brazilian attacker inside the aircraft is not certain. A few hours before the plane landed, the champion of the Paris Saint-Germain had posted several Instagram stories. In the first of her, she appears in the company of her sister Raffaella in front of the jet. The second, however, portrays him inside the airplane, while she flies over You love me. There, the player spent two days in the company of his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi and the American basketball team Golden State Warriorswith whom he celebrated the NBA victory.

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