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    Don’t look up, look at Meryl Streep. It has been the writer Karen Blixen in Africa, Margaret Thatcher, her friend and screenwriter Nora Ephron, Julia Child long before the cook had a television series and herself in fiction, Meryl Streep. She is simply the lady of the biopic. Or the cinema, since we are. With 21 Oscar nominations, Meryl Streep is the actress who has been nominated for the Academy Awards the most times and belongs to the select group of only six actors who have won three Oscars. Among the actresses, only Katherine Hepburn with her four Oscars surpasses her and only Frances McDormand can put three Oscars next to hers.

    He has also opted for the Golden Globes, 31 times!, another historical record, of which he has won eight; She has been the youngest actress to be honored by the American Film Institute and has received the National Medal of Arts from Barak Obama… Among many other awards. Anyway, it’s Meryl Streep, living history of the seventh art and 73 years ago today.

    And it is that Mary Louise Streep -as her parents called her on June 22, 1949 when a star fell from the sky- entered the cinema I don’t know if she was dressed in Prada but she was stomping. Before that she wanted to be a singer, but the cinema would compensate her for her change of vocation by letting her voice shine in ‘Mamma Mia!’ (2008)one of the best musical movies in history.

    He made his debut on the small screen and on the big screen at the age of 28 with Deadly game Y Julia, both from 1977, and since then he would pay equal attention to the cinema and to star in some of the best current television series, such as ‘Big Little Lies’. Before that, the actress had already been nominated for two Tony Awards in the 5 years she was doing theater. It would take years for her to return to the stage, until 2002, but she would do so with ‘The Seagull’ by Chekhov and directed by Mike Nichols, one of the great directors and most loyal collaborators of her career. At that time she had already become a star.

    Just a year after his film debut, Streep accepted a supporting role in Michael Cimino’s ‘The Huntsman’. It was not to show off, but for love. Her partner at the time, John Cazale, had bone cancer and she wanted to work with him. The film was her first Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. And it had only been a year since she had landed in Hollywood. That same year she received the first major award of her career, an Emmy for the miniseries ‘Holocaust’.

    The following year he would win, this time yes, the Oscar came into his hands for Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) and would appear in Manhattan, Woody Allen. It was then, after the death of John Cazale, that Meryl Streep married the sculptor Don Gummer with whom she has had four children, two of them actors and a musician.

    The rest is movie history. Some of the best 80’s movies and titles directed by Sydney Pollack, Micke Nichols, Clint Eastwood, Jonathan Demme, Steven Spielberg, Steven Soderbergh and so on up to Greta Gerwig and Adam McKay.

    His ability to imitate any accent has allowed him to make some of the best biopics in history, whether speaking English with a Danish accent, the convoluted British of ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ (1981) or the authoritative diction of ‘The Lady of iron’ (2011) which earned him his third Oscar. Every time Streep plays a real woman, that transformation is worthy of an Academy nomination.

    As well as real women of all walks of life, they have been strong and frail women, battered by life and burdened by an ordinary existence like that of ‘Silkwood’. A) Yes, with ‘Sophie’s Decision’ she would win another Oscar, the first for Best Actressalthough we may remember her more for her romantic heroines, the protagonist of ‘Out of Africa’ (1985) and ‘The Bridges of Madison County’ (1994), perhaps the most beautiful and saddest story of her career.

    And yet, in addition to starring in dramas like ‘The Hours’, Meryl Streep also knows how to laugh at herself. She has worked with Jim Carrey in ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket’ (2004) and she has played herself for the Farrellys in ‘Stuck on You’, she has lent her voice in ‘Antz. Ant’ and She has had the best time playing a Trumpist president for Adam McKay in ‘Don’t Look Up’.

    His next project is a supporting role in another television series, ‘Extrapolations,’ a dramatic comedy from Steven Soderbergh’s screenwriter and also director, Scott Z. Burns.. A choral story -which will also feature Eiza Gonz├ílez, Tobey Maguire and Marion Cotillard- about how the coming changes on our planet will affect love, faith, work and family. All for not looking up.

    We celebrate Meryl Streep’s birthday by reviewing the best moments of his life and work. Congratulations teacher!

Mary Louise Streep was born in Summit, New Jersey on June 22, 1949. The daughter of a commercial artist and art editor and a pharmaceutical industry executive.

He graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the Yale University School of Drama. She acted in quite a number of stage productions of all kinds in New York and New Jersey.

Her first big screen role was in ‘Julia’, a 1977 drama directed by Fred Zinnemann that starred Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave.

The ill-fated John Cazale, with whom he worked in ‘The Hunter’ (Michael Cimino, 1978), was one of his partners.

With his Oscar for ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ (Robert Benton, 1979).

Her other Oscar, for ‘Sophie’s Choice’ (Alan J. Pakula, 1982).

Real character, guaranteed candidacy. She was nominated for her role as Karen Silkwood in Mike Nichols’ ‘Silkwood’ (1983).

Real character, guaranteed candidacy. She was nominated for her role as Karen Blixen in Sydney Pollack’s ‘Out of Africa’ (1985).

Real character, guaranteed candidacy. She was nominated for her role as Lindy Chamberlain in Fred Schepisi’s ‘A Cry in the Dark’ (1988).

There is also room for comedy. Here Streep lets herself be handled by those in charge of the special effects of ‘Death suits you so well’, by Robert Zemeckis.

During the filming of ‘Wild River’, along with Kevin Bacon and the director, Curtis Hanson. In one of the scenes the actress fell from the boat and was rescued by Bacon.

In 1994, leaving the silhouette of his hands in the cement for posterity.

In 1995 she was chosen by Clint Eastwood to play the female lead in ‘The Bridges of Madison County’, a job for which she received her tenth nomination.

Real character, guaranteed candidacy. She was nominated for her role as Roberta Guaspari in Wes Craven’s ‘Music from the Heart’ (1999).

Real character, guaranteed candidacy. She was nominated for her role as Susan Orlean in ‘Adaptation.’ (2002), by Spike Jonze.

He was awarded the Donostia Award in San Sebastian in 2008.

With her husband, the sculptor Don Gummer, and one of her daughters, Grace, also an actress.

Real character, guaranteed candidacy. She was nominated for her role as Julia Child in Nora Ephron’s ‘Julie & Julia’ (2009).

Real character, guaranteed candidacy. She won her third Oscar for her role as Margaret Thatcher.

‘Agosto’, the adaptation of the play by Tracy Letts, brought together a good number of talented performers on screen. In this image the matriarchs of the family: Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and Julianne Nicholson.

The nineteenth nomination came for ‘Into the Woods’, a film that, although it did not fully convince fans of the musical, did have a great intervention by our protagonist.

If you have to hang an electric guitar, Streep is not for anyone either. In full concert at ‘Ricki’

Her 20th nomination came for ‘Florence Foster Jenkins’, a story based on true events about a wealthy heiress who tries to be a great operatic diva despite her complete lack of talent.

During the premiere of the film in London, it was possible to see that the friendship between Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant has crossed the screen.

Disguised as Donald Trump, this is how she attended the annual New York Public Theater gala in 2016. Together with Christine Baranski, she performed a number from the musical ‘Kiss Me, Kate’ where two gangsters talk about how to conquer a woman, a version of Shakespeare’s verses in ‘The Taming of the Shrew’.

One of her most celebrated speeches was when she received, in 2017, the Cecil B. deMille Honorary Award at the Golden Globes, the actress received the Cecil B. DeMille Honorary Award: a plea against violence, hate and the honor that is to be an actor in Hollywood.

Her last Oscar and Golden Globe nomination was for ‘The Pentagon Files’, a film directed by Steven Spielberg and in which she plays the first woman editor of the Washington Post and which, together with The New York Times, tried fight the Nixon Administration’s attempt to restrict the First Amendment.

The actress received very good reviews for her performance in ‘Big Little Lies’, the HBO series in whose second season she played Nicole Kidman’s mother-in-law. One of the most complex and surprising characters of hers.

As she did with the two installments of ‘Mamma Mia!’, the actress dared to sing in ‘The Prom’, Ryan Murphy’s musical premiered on Netflix and in which she shares the bill with Nicole Kidman, James Corden or Kerry Washington.

Meryl Streep, President of the United States (in ‘Don’t Look Up’).

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