Maya Hawke congratulates dad Ethan with a post worthy of Robin

They have not gone unnoticed wishes for father’s day facts from Maya Hawke to her dad Ethan. The young Stranger Things star is the daughter of actor Ethan Hawke (whom we just saw in Moon Knight) and actress Uma Thurman (Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction). Hawke got noticed by the general public because of her great resemblance to her mother.

Characteristically, however, Maya and Robin, her character in Stranger Things, share the same acute irony. This is testified by this story with which the young woman sent a special social greeting to her father. In the Anglo-Saxon world, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.


Maya Hawke’s ironic greetings to dad Ethan

Here you are the story of Maya appeared on his Instagram account:


Maya Hawke's Instagram story


The top sentence reads “Dad, best wishes for Father’s Day”. Below is the screenshot of a tweet posted by a user who wished the actor a happy birthday, immortalized in two shots of what looks like the front row of a sporting event.

On the leftmost chair Rihanna recognizes herself. In the first photo, we see that a little boy is sitting next to her, to whose right is Ethan Hawke. In her second shot, instead, the actor is sitting next to the singer and businesswoman, in a relaxed pose, while making conversation with her.

The caption reads:

wishes for a happy father’s day especially to Ethan Hawke who swaps places with his son in order to be by Rihanna’s side.

The joking post must have been very much liked by Ethan’s daughter, Maya, who thought of using it as an “alternative card” to wish her dad good wishes. The ironic streak of the interpreter is not so different to that of Robin Buckley, who with the ability to make fun of Steve had conquered everything about her at her debut in season three of Stranger Things.

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