Love and Thunder. Natalie Portman talks about her training

Thor: Love and Thunder Poster

Natalie Portmanwhich interprets Jane Foster in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he recently spoke for a magazine about his return in Thor: Love and Thunder.

The film will not only see the return of Foster to the MCU, but also an evolution of the character towards the Mighty Thor, something that we have already been able to see in the trailers through several action sequences. For this, Portman had to follow a tough training and feeding schedule.

I trained for a long time before and during, and I was doing everything related to protein shakes. It helped me really prepare for the level of action that we ended up doing.

The actress also praised the amazing stunt doubles involved in the production, noting that it definitely helps to be strong while shooting action sequences.

We had amazing stuntmen that made things really difficult, but there’s still a lot of running, jumping and fighting with swords and hammers. It definitely helped to be strong. To carry that layer weight all day, you need to have some upper body strength.

Portman also expressed her excitement at being a superhero in the film, having appeared as Jane Foster in the first two films of the God of Thunder franchise.

It’s exciting to become a superhero. And there is no guide that comes and tells you how to do it.

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