Lightyear: Buzz Lightyear is coming to Minecraft!

ANDn the midst of a rather ridiculous controversy over that imaginary enemy of the boomers (the “force inclusion”), ‘Lightyear’ is presented as an exciting movie that has amused those who are not influenced by Facebook criticism. And in the same way has had new scopes like this: a virtual toy based on the story of a real toy created in a virtual movie. Cool.

What does the ‘Lightyear’ DLC for Minecraft include?

This game extension will allow you to play inside the colonized planet by the Lightyear people in the movie, and will offer you five different missions in different settings: a hostile jungle, a swamp and a mineall of them with several waves of enemies like giant bugs, giant living vines and robots.

In addition, in the transition between one mission and another, you can use various Star Command spacecraft to reach your next goal. And all the missions can be fulfilled with your favorite character from the movie: Mo Morrison, Darby Steel, Izzt Hawthorne or of course Buzz Lightyear. Even Sox the emotional support cat makes an appearance in this DLC.

And in any case, if you are not convinced to play with any of the members of the Zap Junior patrol, then you can create your own character. You can find it in the dressing room and thus create your own character with elements of the Star Command rangers.

What platforms can you get the ‘Lightyear’ DLC for Minecraft on?

This DLC is now available in the Xbox, PlayStation and Windows PC Minecraft Stores. For unknown reasons, it is not yet obtainable for the switch. The only explanation the official Minecraft blog gives for this situation is “a recent battle with Emperor Zurg“. Nice, but not very informative. In any case, at the end of their entry they clarify that very soon the DLC will arrive at the switchso keep up to date with the news of the virtual store.

What did Chris Evans think about the ‘Lightyear’ controversy?

The star of the MCU, Chris Evanswas proud to be part of a project that is taking such a big step in inclusionas revealed in an interview with the magazine Variety on June 13. However, he expressed that it was a bit frustrating that this was still something up for discussion: “the goal is that we can get to a point where it’s the norm, and this is some kind of ‘uncharted waters’, that eventually it’s just like what it is.”

Have you already seen ‘Lightyear’?

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