Kylie Jenner wears the viral and extravagant bikini that shows the nipples

Kylie Jenner, The makeup mogul has joined the Free the Nipple movement, a kind of social media protest that had a moment in 2014.

As you probably know, Instagram censors “female” nipples but not male ones, which many see as a sexist double standard that arbitrarily shames half the population. Anyway, that’s what kylie jenner used as a caption for a photo she posted on Instagram of herself sunbathing on a bikini top bearing the image of, nipples!


Jenner limited comments on the post to within minutes of uploading it on Monday June 6, but before he did, followers rallied with comments like “Absolutely screaming ma’am” and “We just want to know your son’s name 😭” , which, while respecting privacy, I’m also curious. In case you missed it, the businesswoman welcomed her second child with her boyfriend Travis Scott in February, announced that the baby was a boy named wolfand then claimed that the baby was a boy whose name wasn’t Wolf because they weren’t feeling that as a name.

Kylie Jenner tagged fashion house Jean Paul Gaultier on the second slide; the top of it seems to be part of a line of… how to put it? The line comes in multiple skin tones and, yes, it does have a (blurred) crotch:

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Which leads us to wonder: What is Kylie wearing in her bottoms? No, sorry, sorry for making you imagine that, I apologize.

This is… actually… nothing new! “Free the Nipple” imagery was used in a 2018 Gaultier show, and Kylie Jenner wore a Venus de Milo swimsuit (not exactly the same, but you get the idea) by Gaultier in 2019. That item sold for just under $600, but if you want to recreate this look at home, you don’t have to go designer. The TaTa Top costs a snazzy $35.

Article originally published in Glamor US,, adapted by Paola JuĂĄrez.

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