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ultrasoundalso called ultrasound, It is a non-invasive medical study that helps doctors diagnose and treat various medical conditions.. It uses sound waves to produce images of internal body structures. It is considered a safe, non-invasive diagnostic method that offers effective results when used by a qualified operator.

ultrasound makes it possible to reproduce images in real timewhich allows showing the structure and movement of the internal organs of the body, as well as the flow of blood through blood vessels, becoming one of the most versatile diagnostic methods in the world.

Given the importance of its application, the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) leads a campaign called Utrasound First (ultrasound first), whose purpose is to create awareness among health professionals about the use of ultrasound as the first diagnostic tool.

For Dr. Jorge Estradapresident of the Mexican Federation of Associations and Colleges in Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, Physicians must give their best effort to comply with patientsthis not only implies giving medical attention, but they must also be at the forefront in the use of equipment that generates an accurate diagnosis.

“We cannot conceive a medicine without an ultrasound team accompanying you. I am talking about the general practitioner, the specialist and even the obstetrician-gynecologist. I include traumatology, pediatrics, surgery, internal medicine. Although the medical team does not replace the doctor, it is effectively accompanying him.”

Likewise, Dr. Alberto Sosa OlavarriaSurgeon, Specialist in Obstetrics and Maternal Fetal Medicine, points out that in the practice of current medicine, ultrasound is a complementary tool in diagnosis and therapy from various areas of medical knowledge; Therefore, the doctor who uses it as an aid or complement in the evaluation of his patient must be permanently acquiring knowledge in order to obtain the best performance, the greatest effectiveness of said tool to have optimal results, and better benefits for the patient. .

Doctors agree that if the indications for the procedure are not known, and if the correlative of the images in the different pathologies is not known, extremely serious errors can be made, diagnostic errors.

Both specialists have been invited, in an academic exercise, by Ocean Medic to participate in the webinar The importance of professionalization in the practice of ultrasound next June 29.

Dr. Sosa Olavarría points out that adaptability to technological advances should be a general condition for physicians who work with ultrasound. “When we started doing ultrasonographic studies in the 1980s, our equipment did not have the capacity or image resolution that we currently have. On the other hand, variants of ultrasound were appearing and the incorporation of different software aimed at facilitating data processing and obtaining images, not only in the field of two-dimensionality, for example, but also in the field of three-dimensionality. And today we talk about other dimensions, such as 4D and 5D”.

As an example we can mention the use of ultrasonography in the field of embryo-fetopathology that allows us to know the growth and human development from the beginning of pregnancy. From very early stages, in a pregnancy between the 4th and 5th weeks, follow the evolution of the embryo throughout life; establish their growth and development parameters from the biometric point of view, establish their weight, their height and also diagnose growth and development alterations, when growth is accelerated or retarded. As well as diagnosing a large number of congenital malformations, which doctors in the maternal-fetal area can address and guide when fetal health is compromised.

“If one is not prepared to know all the elements of the physiology and pathophysiology of these nosological entities, we can make very serious mistakes that can lead to disastrous consequences, both for the mother and for the fetus,” says the specialist.

both specialists will participate in the 3rd webinar organized by Ocean Medic The importance of professionalization in the practice of ultrasound, next Wednesday, June 29, through the platform

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